Ravello Weddings 2017

To all the lovely brides,

I've just come back from Ravello and it is BEAUTIFUL! We explored the town to have a better idea of the place for next year such as the church, venue, food and accommodation. If you've chosen Ravello as your destination, you will have no regrets, I think it is the most scenic of the towns on the Amalfi Coast. Any other brides getting married in Ravello in 2017? I'm currently in the process of choosing flowers and music options...😊😊😊


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    Hi Bea

    It's so nice to hear how much you love Ravello! We are getting married there in June 2017 but can't afford a trip before the wedding so it's nice to hear from others who have been :-) 

    When is your wedding date? We have now paid the town hall for our ceremony and i've just booked our flights and transfers. x


  • Hi Bea and AJ16,

    Firstly congratulations and you could not have chosen a more charming part of the world to celebrate!

    I am English, living on the Amalfi Coast and working as an independent wedding designer/planner across Italy- I love all things creative and making the most beautiful weddings come to life!

    Feel free to get in touch for any initial advice (no obligation) and to find out if having a wedding designer/planner could be helpful, I cover anything from documentation/interpretation for civil ceremonies through to flowers/decoration and the tiniest creative details- [email protected]

    Best wishes,


  • HEllo ladies,im also getting married in Ravello in 2017 at Villa Eva! I'd be interested to know if any other brides are marrying there as the costs we  getting quoted for our food options keep changing and we have been told two different prices for the same thing by different people. It's making me wonder if they just make up the prices as and when. I just don't want to feel like we're being screwed over on costs. Any help/advice would be much appreciated! Xxx

  • Hi Sarah800,

    Are you going directly with the venue? I live on the Amalfi Coast and know them well and their staff are really great and very helpful usually.

    Happy to shed some light, but it is important to know whether you are going direct or through a planner first.

    Feel free to PM me :) 




  • Hello! future brides!

    My name is Tamara, and im getting married in Italy in april 2017.

    I wanted to share my experiencing in organising my wedding, after months and months of searching and looking for, coming to Italy, meeting people, checking out, analysing, comparing etcJ

    If it can help someone to find professionals they are looking for, Ill  be happy.

    I work in the field of fashion, so the priorities for me were and are : great photographer and a make up artist and a hairstylist!This regards professionalism as well as human qualities.

    I love Italy, so i come often there for work, so twice I met two make up artists, but unfortunately, apart from poor portfolio, and their English, I didnt like their approach, they were not punctual, they didnt have good make up on, smart clothes, they were not sure in what they were saying. So I started to search again. And by chance just searching on google I have found Anna. I fell in love with her website, clear, understandable, well-done, with great photos and news, a lot of tips for brides. I decided to email her, and at once I felt that this was the person I was looking for a long time. Professional, organised, precise, very friendly and speaking very fluent English. She asked me the right questions, and photos, tried to understand my ideas and preferences. So I did the trial, and everything went so great, Im so satisfied and happy to have found the right person for my Big day. So, im really happy to tell about my experience. If someone needs, her website is http://www.annartstyle.com/

    Anna was also very kind to give me some names of the photographers she worked with, but the one Ive chosen and liked best is Daniele. His style is exactly how I would like: fresh, full of light, spontaneous, with great colours, and great landscapes. I met with him in his office in Rome, he is very professional, but funny, friendly, speaks good English and great to work with! So, if you are curious here is his web page http://www.danieletorella.com/en/

    I hope I can help to someone who is still looking for their professionals, I wish good luck to every future bride!

  • Anna is great, I agree!

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