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Hi I'm just looking for some opinions and advice. My partner and I decided to get married in greece. This was after deciding to cancel the arrangements we had made here in the UK.  we then sent a quick message to friends and family to explain what we had decided just to get a rough idea of who would be up to coming.  Obviously I understand that not everyone would be able to come because of cost etc and a couple of people did actually say it just depends on price and things. Would I still send these people the save the dates or not? I don't want them to feel I am being pushy after they have already basically said they probably won't come. Thanks


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,969 New bride

    Did you include the dates in your message? If so then they already know them and and I wouldn't send a save the date. If you didn't include dates then I might send them one with a little card explaining you know they said it may be difficult but you wanted to send them one anyway just incase they can come.

  • No I didn't include the date as nothing was booked at that point. Thanks, I think I'll just send them one and explain what you said  xx

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,331 New bride

    Ya i would send one i got married in Rhodes in June this year, i sent save dates out in 2014 so ppl knew when it was then when the holidays came out in may 2015 ppl started booking so it gave them longer to pay x

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