can't decide home or away.... would love to hear others views

Hi ladies, 

we are having a very small wedding up to 10 if we go abroad or 22 if we have it near home in derbyshire. The main reason is we have two children and we want to keep budget down plus I'm quite shy. 

Would love to hear feedback from people who decided one or the other and if they had any regrets, or any advice really. we really are torn between the two. if we go abroad it'll be in lake garda. 


  • We had this problem. mainly because we have such a big family, we were in 2 minds for about 3 month, but in the end we decided to stay here and have all the family as we felt we wouldn't get married without everyone we love by our side and we knew a lot of people who couldn't afford to come abroad to we really wanted there.

    BUT... do what you and the Mr. wants and go with your heart. don't just do it because it make things 'easier'

    With us staying in UK we have a lovely number of 216 guests to share our day with

    Good luck.


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    Hiya i went aboard and me and husband wouldnt change it for the world it was the best thing we did its alot cheaper in some places too x

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    I booked a UK wedding because we knew certain family members wouldnt be able to travel.

    6 months later and 2k down we decided to cancel it because it wasnt what we wanted and it wasnt worth what it was costing for the sake of other people, anyone, even family! Especially just for what is less than a day.

    Were going to go abroad and I feel so much better about it, Im excited rather than stressed. People can come if they want but if not it doesnt matter to me, as long as we have a wedding thats about us not a hoard of other people.

  • ... Derbyshire is really lovely though! I understand the temptation to marry abroad, but with 22 guests you have a lot of flexibility about what type of wedding gift you want. Lake Garda can be expensive,  so a UK wedding might even be the cheaper option? I'd look around and see if anywhere caught your imagination in Derbyshire and if not, then look abroad. You will know when you have found the right place.

  • Hi Elaine,

    I am English but am an independent wedding planner in Italy- I definitely agree with MrsBell2Be2018, you absolutely have to do what the both of you want to do and what will make you most happy.

    Is it an option to have 22 people in Italy? With destination weddings guests are usually very happy to make the trip their annual holiday and therefore you are not expected to cover their accommodation or any expenses outside of the wedding day itself. I am not sure if you have already approached all of your guests about this or not?

    Of course any wedding day is unforgettable, but having a destination wedding experience with your loved ones is very, very special and I am biased as I live here, but Italy is just such a stunning place wherever you may choose to go.

    It is also surprisingly economical depending on the location you choose as well. Perhaps you can get some quotes and compare to any venues that have caught your eye in Derbyshire. 

    If you are shy then you can keep the wedding simple and low-key whether you are at home or away, it's about choosing what feels right for you and finding a venue that you love and creates the atmosphere that you are looking for :)

    For an Italy advice feel free to get in touch - [email protected]

    Best wishes,


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