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My partner and I are planning on having a small ceremony of around 40 people in the Algarve in 2018. 

Has anyone been married or planning on getting married out there and have any suggestions of venues etc? 

Do you need a wedding planner? Are they worth it and who have you used that you could recommend?

We really are starting from scratch and could use all the tips and advice we can get. 

Thanks in advance everyone  xx


  • My partner and I are getting married in September next year in the algarve. We emailed a few wedding planners and met with some on a visit over in January this year. 

    We were blown away with Rebecca from algarve weddings by Rebecca. She is amazing and no ask is too much for her and her team. Everything has been so easy and stress free. 

    We're getting married in a villa that we're staying in witg the wedding party and have another villa for family etc. We decided on a villa because of the freedom with decor and its private. If you have a look on Facebook for Rebecca's page you can see all of her weddings, highly recommend her 



  • Thanks Roseanne. 

    I've actually seen her weddings and already follow on Facebook. I've tried getting in contact with her a couple of times but had no luck.

    We've been considering going for a villa. Mainly for the privacy too. I don't like the idea of people in their bikinis sunbathing in the back of my photos ha.

    Thanks  xx

  • Mrs 2BMrs 2B Posts: 75

    hi, I got married last sept and used Rebecca at algarve weddings I noticed you said u don't get quick responses. This will be the case on alot of occasions. It disappoints me to say this but I have had nothing but issues since the wedding. Don't get me wrong on the run up and on the wedding rebecca and the team were amazin but the after service has been a shocker we r still waitin on one of our things to be sent back to us over a year later 😳 Just tred carefully and be very on top of things if you do move forward with them.

    on a more positive note u have choose an amazin place to get married 😊

  • Maria95Maria95 Posts: 4


    I´m planning to move to Algarve in June this year and starting a photography business. I´m looking for a wedding where I could be a second photographer (for free), so I can get some wedding photos for my portfolio. My web is not ready, but you can find some pictures: Still working on it :)

    Please let me know if You are interested: [email protected]

    Thank you,


  • Hi, I go married in the Algarve at a beach venue in Lagos and I also photograph weddings out there. I planned everything myself with the venue's help. There are some fab wedding planners on the Algarve and some not so good. You can also do it yourself, there's lots of groups on Facebook where you can ask for recommendations. Rebecca is lovely. Communication is always as issue as they are more laid back than over here. Unique and Chic weddings are fab too. If you need any help give me a shout,


  • Hi Danielle,

                         am hoping to get married in the Algarve in Sept 2019 & would appreciate any advice on planning my special day 


                                            Many Thanks


  • Hi Danielle,

    I will get married in Cascade Wellness and Lifestyle Resort in Lagos on 14 April 2018 and I am currently looking for the wedding make up and hair. Do you have any recommendation because I just checked Unique and Chic has been booked on that day. 

    Thank you.



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