Wedding in Cyprus

Hi everyone i am getting married next year in cyprus and have been looking at venues. We are looking at getting married at the nissi beach hotel. We havent got more than 20 people going so trying to decide whether to hire the ambrossia lower terrace which is free or the upper terrace which costs 250 euros! I have seen pictures of both and they dont look much different i have been told however that the upper terrace is more private. It also says that the upper tier has a cd system but the lower tier doesnt so starting to wonder what we'd do for background music if we hired the lower terrace. 

I have a feeling that when the drinks start flowing everyone will want music entertainment etc. I have been told that you can join in with hotels entertainment however i wont know whats on until nearer the time! 

I was wondering whether anyone is also getting married there next year has any ideas or knows of anyone that has got married there? Anyone know whether its worth paying 250 euros to higher the ambrossia upper tier rather than the lower free tier?!

Thanks xxxxxxxx


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