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What to do with dress

hi, I'm getting married in Dominican republic. My dress will be packed in a travel box and be my hand luggage. The problem arises when I get to the hotel. i will obviously have to take it out the box to minimise creases but were do I put it as I will be sharing a room with my fiancé. There are 11 other adults and 3 kids but I dont want to store it in any of there rooms as some of them smoke (albeit not in the room but on the balcony) or have small children in the room!any ideas what I can do??



  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196


    I recently got married abroad and there were no other guests in our hotel where I could store my dress so I took a duvet cover with me and when we arrived my OH went to the bar and I took my dress from the box, covered it in the duvet cover and hung it up on the wardrobe. You couldn't see anything through it and he promised he wouldn't look!! 

  • Hi thanks that's a great idea!

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