What should i do?

Me and fiancé got engaged Valentine's Day 2015 since then we have saved for our wedding as we are paying for it our selves. after realising the prices of a U.K. Wedding we have seen the perfect location..in Cuba

I recently booked a holiday there for next year, and we have decided it is best for us financially do get married abroad as if not we just couldn't afford to do anytime in the next couple of years. We want to buy a house and not start out married lives in debt due to a wedding.

however, as soon as I mentioned I had booked a holiday to Cuba my future mil said no way could she do the 10 hour flight this was before we even thought of getting married whilst there. 

Its left us in a position where we don't know what to do, after having a long think we realised his parents wouldnt be attending If we got married in Cuba. His sister can't get holidays off work in September and has to take them in the 6 weeks as other members of staff put their holidays in first. We're stuck we really want to be married and get married wholstbon holiday but don't want to be missing vital people it will basically be a few member of my family and us


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    Its alot of money and far distance to ask ppl with it being next year, when we looked into it we wanted dominican republic but it was too much money to expect ppl to pay, we had alot family who dont go aboard on holiday too, so we went to rhodes it was alot cheaper for us and family it wasnt too far only 4 hour flight amd we gave everyone two years notice so they had time to pay and could book time off work. could you not go somewhere closer and use cba as a honeymoon maybe, tbh the ppl will give u different advice put its ur wedding you do what u want and think is best x

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    I think you need to do what's best for you. If you want to get married in Cuba, do it. Have you actually spoken to his parents directly and asked them, or are you just assuming they won't go?

    You could always have a blessing ceremony when you get back and a party/evening reception.

    Weddings in this country don't have to be expensive if it's the cost  you are worried about.

  • I haven't asked I haven't even mentioned it after she said she couldn't do a 10 hour flight but that was when we hadn't even thought of getting married whilst there. It's not the money we're going in September and has cost us £2400 for 2 weeks all inclusive for 2 adults and 2 children.We were getting the same prices for Greece and Spain. Rhodes was an option when we first spoke about it when we got engaged but decided against it as for the price of eh holiday spending money and the wedding we could of got married at home On the cheap. To be honest I would of got married at home but since I have seen the pictures and reviews off people who have getting married here I have fallen in love with it but I don't want to exclude Main wedding guests

  • Another option what crossed my mind today was have a cheap register office wedding no fancy dress, just a nice white maxi dress type of dress the day before we fly with just our parents and siblings,then take them for a meal on us at a fancy restaurant  go on holiday as honey moon,  have a wedding blessing whilst there then have a party when we return for everybody to attend not like a reception, no fancy chair covers etc just a night time party with a buffet. 

  • My understanding of weddings abroad is that you do have to do it legally here in the register office anyway. Not sure if it varies country to country but friends who got married in Spain, Portugal and Greece all had to do this. 

    But really you need to decide what you'd miss most - your family not being there, or being abroad. 

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    I got married in Rhodes and we didnt have to get married in uk first it was legal and recognised in the uk but yes some places do i know spain u have to live there 2 years to get married some countires say just 1 week x

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