Save the date RSVP?

Hey.... looking for some help  getting married in Ibiza Aug 2017.... only booked couple weeks ago! I have save the dates luggage tags all ready to be sent out but i also want to add note to try and get idea of numbers of who think it is a possibility of them being able to go or not and struggling how to word it! Don't want to sound like I don't want them to come to wedding but also don't want anyone to feel pressured in to thinking they have to book to come far away! Any ideas of how to word this would be much appreciated?


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    It's not usual to have an RSVP on a save the date. Usually if someone knows they can't come they will tell you, but not let you know they can come (not until the official invite arrives)

    You can set up a wedding website which you can include on the STD. That could have an RSVP / info on hotels, travel etc that you could use to gague number.

    I don't think you will get proper numbers though until you send out the proper invites.

    It is really tempting when planning a wedding to try to control your guests and get them to be as organised as you are. They won't be. You have to take a step back a bit and realise that a lot of people will have no idea what they are doing next August and even though they might say they will come, prob won't book any travel / holiday until much nearer the time.

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    I actually think most people will know what they are doing in August next year- people book holidays 18+ months out. Those with kids may already have made plans for the school hols, and those without kids may find it difficult to get time off work if their colleagues with kids have already booked it.

    I'd be tempted to scrap the save the dates and just send your invites asap as you'll start wanting to know numbers. Yes, people may give you an indication from the save the date as to if they may come or not- but we see it fairly often on these forums that people say they will go to destination weddings but then drop out later. So even if you ask for an RSVP to your save the date, once you send out the invites it may be a different story!

  • Thanks.... as I have bought save the dates, think I may just send them on their own just now and then get the invites out for early next year to try and get an idea of numbers. I was just thinking there will be people that will be def nos and would just have liked to take them off list and add to reception but suppose I can't be that in control yet lol 

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    Don't worry, if there are definate no's they will tell you when they get the save the date! Or you may get replies saying 'oh I'm so excited can't wait' which means you can probably take them as a yes.

  • We put this on the back of our save the dates...


    To assist with our planning, we would be grateful to know if you are likely to be able to attend our wedding, so please RSVP through our wedding website: /rachelandryaninitaly Full information will be included in the formal invitations, but for updates about our wedding plans, we will keep you posted with hotel and travel information on the website.


    Felt it helped to have an idea of numbers! xx

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    We said 'formal invitation to follow but it would help with planning and accomodation if you could let us know your initial intentions'. We sent it to the people we arent in touch with through facebook or whatever, and we got cards back saying they would/ would be joining us xx

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