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Tuscany Brides??? ... Casa Cornacchi?

Hiiiiii there, 

We get married at Casa Cornacchi on 8th July 2017 eeeeekk...!!

Just wondered if there were ay similar brides out there, especially if you're getting married at the same venue.  

Also, we're actually shipping quite a lot of decorations over there and I'd be interested if any brides would be interested in using it after we leave.... 

As well as recommendations for errrr EVERYTHING 



  • Hey! I get married in Tuscany the day before you :O exciting! Not at the same venue, ours is on the beach at La Costa dei Barbari but yours does look lovely and very rustic tuscan famhouse :D sure it'll be gorgeous bet youre excited!

    What have you booked so far? I'm taking photgrapher and hair/make up artists out with me so cant really help there lol but happy to give reccomendations for anything else if you need it! xx

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