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I really feel I should be doing something.

hi everyone I'm just writing this to see if anyone else feels or has felt the same. Basically, I'm getting married in kos on 1st September 2018. my venue is booked and the man sorting it all for me is absolutely fantastic. He basically sorts everything for me like venue, cake, flowers, reception etc. I know it's still such a long time away but I am itching to do stuff but there's not a lot I can do lol. I know it's silly because the whole point in getting married abroad is the take the stress out of things. I think I need something to take my mind off things lol xx


  • my hair and make up artist is all sorted by the planner. I have been thinking about dresses for a while now and if I look at another picture I think I'll turn into one lol. I just thought it was a bit early for dress shopping.  generally people seem to be telling me to leave it until about a year before as I could change my mind by then xx

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