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Sorry very new to this!

I'm getting married September 2017 just outside Rome in Campagnano di Roma. We have booked our venue, church, photographer, transport and I have my dress but I'm really struggling with hair and make-up, music and catering. I had a hair and makeup quote at €300 for the bride - bit out of my budget and also a lot more than the UK prices?! Is this normal?! 

If any of you lovely people out there could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks! 


  • Hi KatherineLouise,

    I got married this September an hour north of Rome in Umbria, but a lot of our suppliers came from Rome.

    Try Louise Faulkner (she's on Facebook) she did my hair and make up and hair for 6 others and was fantastic. She lives in Rome, but is Irish so theres no translation issues, could recommend her enough, and I found her prices really reasonable. 

    For catering we used and they were fabulous. We got married at my aunts house, and they provided all the tables and chairs, crockery and cutlery, 3 courses, bar staff, waiters, and a host, tea, espresso martinis, and surprised us with little canapé's which we hadn't ordered. They brought me drinks all evening with little posy's attached to the glass - so sweet, and such a lovely extra touch!

    For music we used Last Minute Dirty Band, but they came down from Florence so it may be too far, but they were amazing too. 

    Hope that helps and Good Luck x

  • Thanks for all your help, sounds like you had an amazing day! 

    My venue is in Campagnano so 40mins North from Rome, maybe your band recommendation will be willing to travel there as they wouldn't have to enter central Rome. Worth a try anyway! 

    I will definitely contact your caterers they sound great! Did you eat outside? I need to organise a marquee just in case it rains - hopefully not! 

    I had already got in touch with Louise for makeup a while back but unfortunately she is fully booked for my date, which is such a shame.

    If you don't mind me asking who did you use for flowers or was it someone more local in Umbria? 

    Thanks again, sorry for all the questions! 


  • We had the most amazing day, although Im sure everyone thinks that about their wedding day! 

    We did eat outside, we decided to hope that it wouldn't rain, which was a bit of a mistake as it meant we were so stressed throughout the day waiting for the massive storm clouds to ruin our day - luckily it rained around us, but not on us, but would try for the marquee if only to ease the stress! The caterers may have one, or be able to provide one - I think they offered us one...

    I used a local florist for our flowers, who I don't think would be willing to travel to be honest


  • Hey,

    I'm getting married on the coast in Tuscany and also found hair and make up to be crazy prices - so much so that I'm now flying my hair and make up artist out with me haha... even paying for 2 girls flights and 1 nights accom is less than having to pay the rates the Italians were quoting :O 

    Can't help on catering unfortunately as our venue is inside catering, but for a band we have booked Guty et Simone who have really fab reviews and are really reasonable in price too... second choice was the Tuscan Trio through Scarlett entertainment who have lots of options at different rates, so worth contacting them for a quote too. 


    Hope that helps! xx

  • Thanks so much MissesJ2B I'm hoping we can eat outside but might go with the marquee option just incase of a downpour! 

    Thanks Italy Bride 2017. I just have one bridsemaid me and my mum to take care of but when the cost of makeup and hair for the 3 of us is half the cost of my wedding dress I did have to wonder?! I think it would make more sense flying someone out there if there were more of us but I'm not sure if it would be worth it for only 3.

    I have seen Guty and Simone online will give them a call and thanks for your other recommendation too! 


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