Reception for 12 in Sorrnto, Italy

sorry for a likely pre-asked question but could only find a thread from a few years ago.


my fiancée and I are being married in July in Sorrento in the evening.

we have (average) around 12 in total (which includes us) and trying to find a venue which won't burst the bank but would be a lovely place to hold our reception.


we were looking into La'Antica which was recommended to us but the function room looks rather narrow and worried I might ruin my dress squeezing around people.


is there any suggestions which I can look into or if anyone has had any experiemces with La'Antica for a reception.our budget is around £800 for 12-14 total but could push this a bit further for the right place.



  • Have you contacted any wedding planners? We are using one as we are also only a part of 12, we have got an villa for exclusive use for 3 nights for us and all of our guests and will be holding the reception there.

    A local restaurant is doing our catering as our party is too small for standard catering firms but it is £70 a head and includes drinks. They are also doing a Pizza And beer party for us the night before.

  • Thanks for your reply,

    we have a wedding planner which comes with our thomsons booking but concerned they might huckle  into an expensive reception.

    we were going to try and scout places ourselves so we can get price ideas and then go to them for any other suggestions.

    weve guessed about €40-50 pp and then 200-300€ for drinks.


    we have looked at one of the villas which is being advertised a lot but it starts at €99pp which I think would be a bit too streep for what we are looking for.

    always thought the wedding part would have been the stressful part of planning lol!

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,208 New bride

    l'Antica Trattoria is INCREDIBLE!

    The food is perfect, service is amazing & the setting is absolutely beautiful. Could you book the terrace?

    It holds very special memories for me & my husband as we went for dinner there the night we got engaged. We went for a walk after dinner into Villa Communale & he proposed there :-)

    Lucky lucky bride! xx

  • I think you may struggle with €900 inc for your meal in Sorrento, especially if you are going for an Italian menu including apperitivo (cocktail hour). 

    if you love the restaurant why not see if you can have the terrace? If you are getting married in Italy then you have a great opportunity to have an outdoor reception, this is what we are having with one long table and string lights.

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