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Hi everyone need a lil advice me and my partner both want to get married abroad and have a beach wedding with beautiful views and have been thinking Cyprus has anyone got married here or going to get married. We have seen loads of nice hotels but as this is all new to me I haven't got a clue where to start. We want something that's going to offer a full package to make up and hair, cake photos ect. If anyone could give me a lil advice on this would help a lot ❤


  • My mum & her partner are getting married near Paphos in September. They are doing it in Geroskipou Gardens which isn't a beach setting but is still stunning. Have a look at this website see if it's any good: Obviously that's just Paphos but that does seem one of the most popular places :)

  • Thank you and this one of the places with a looked at but as we're looking online and just looking at photos it hard to say. That's why I thought talking to others will help 

    Thank you 

  • You're welcome. Any info I can scrounge of my Mum I'll let you know too! lol x

  • My friend got married in the sunrise beach hotel in protaras which was lovely, my other friend is getting married more inland in May but I can't remember where. It looks lovely though, I'll go find her invitation...


    EDIT: my friend is getting married here:

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    My brother and sister in law got married in cyprus at the Olympic lagoon resort! It was amazing 😍😍

  • Thank you all very much 

    FutureMrs a that will be very helpful :)

  • Hi Daniella

    I am a wedding photographer/videographer here in Cyprus and have worked at hundreds of weddings over the years.

    If you need any info at all just let me know.

    This is a link to a page where you can see lots of examples of our work at all different kinds of venues to hopefully give you an idea. There are films of Vasilias Nikoklis and the Olympic Lagoon venues too.

    Happy planning!

    Brenda x



  • Hi Danielle 

    I am a very experienced photographer in the East midlands area of England and I'm looking to create an international portfolio. If you would like to have a chat about any way I could help you out here please do get in contact for a chat to see if we could work something out. I would love to hear from you.


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