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Hi Ladies 

Myself and other half have decided to get married here in the UK legally before we go to Santorini for the 'big day' which will actually just be a blessing 

We've got to wait a few months until we can actually book anything in stone with the travel agents for the ceremony. 

I'm really stuck for reception ideas, we are going to have about 30/40 guests with a few kiddies too we want something private for a BBQ and DJ really... we don't want it to cost a lot either so I'm just wondering where the best place would be? 

I've been looking into hiring a villa and doing this all myself but would it be too much stress 

If anyone has or is planning a wedding in santorini please give me ideas I'm open to seeing what everyone has done :) 


  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Hi zoe, there are lots of recent santorini forums on here if you have a look! 

    Personally I wouldn't use a travel agent I'd either go direct to venues out there's or a wedding planner I've heard lots of bad reviews of travel agents and how expensive it works out xx

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    Have a look at Theros Wave bar? 

    I agree to use a planner rather than a travel agent. there are lots of them, gold weddings, weddings in santorini, Ionian weddings if you want a uk based one x

  • Zoe144Zoe144 Posts: 4

    I'd deffinaltey want a UK based one! We're not going out to santorini until the time we will have a few days before the wedding so trying to get anything perfect is tricky 


    I will have a look at diffrent forums on here :) 


    Thankyou ladies xxx

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Hi Zoe,

    both the bridal consultants and Ionian weddings are up based planners you might want to look at. 

    In terms of venues there are a huge selection, we have booked Dana villas and Pyrgos gardens. 

    Dont worry about not being able to get out there before the wedding santorini really is beautiful and it does look exactly like it does in the pics! xx

  • Hi Zoe,

    It is a good idea to make just a blessing, with this way you will avoid a lot of stress and any legal matter with documents. About a private villa you have many options, the best venue for weddings I ever work is Cavo Ventus, this is a private villa with amazing different area for symbolic ceremony, has bar and I great suite for the couple, the owner of this villa is the same who has the Theros Wave bar, but Cavo Ventus is 5 times more beautiful, I have capture in both places weddings and I highly recommend it. Some other private villas are:

    Santorini princess presidential suites

    The Zen Villa

    Oblivion Santorini

    Skyfall santorini (I also made wedding there)

    The other way is to make your symbolic ceremony in a private venue for weddings like:

    Santorini Gem


    Dana Villas


    Santo Irini Chapel

    Santo Winery




    If you still looking for a photographer and videographer in Santorini check some of my work in our website, vimeo and facebook page here:

    If you think my photography suits your style, please leave me a message in [email protected] giving me a glimpse of your story.

    Ben :)



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  • Zoe144Zoe144 Posts: 4

    Hi Ladies 


    Thankyou for replying! I will look at all of these :) 


    Really appreciate it! Keep the ideas coming! 




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