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How to make it personal? Little touches and decorations

Hi brides,

 My wedding in Mauritius is fast approaching and I’m struggling to think of ways to make it personal or the little touches that you would usually include when getting married in the UK.

 I don’t want just a cookie cutter wedding (I know it will be to some extent due to the nature of it) but am struggling to think of decorations or little touches for the ceremony and reception baring in mind luggage restrictions.

 So far I’ve got napkins and paper poms poms and that’s it! Any ideas for all you lovely destination brides?



  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    Do you have many tables? you can replace numbers with something important or personal

  • can you string photos of you throughout your relationship around the room/ along the bar or something? x

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    Or photos on tables? Make them all black and white- family, friends, you two and have them on guest tables for people to look at - or place cards photos? 

  • Thank you, these ideas are fab - feel free to keep them coming!

    I've realised that the difficulty is because I don't know what the table layouts will be, how many people on each and what the configuration will be like.

    We'll have 30 guests at the destination wedding and around 300 at the party at home, but it's personalising the destination wedding that I'm struggling with.

    Small things for the tables sounds like a good shout, that way it doesn't really matter how many tables there are or who is sitting where.

    Thanks ladies any other suggestions would be more than welcome

  • Mimi8Mimi8 Posts: 316 New bride

    We had film names for each table with a funny quote from each film on the sheet with table name . I have also seen laces people have been together , time lines of firsts , first date , first holiday etc with pictures . Love the idea of pictures on a string , can get tiny pegs to hold them on. 

  • msbellamsbella Posts: 53

    think of what is special to you... I love reading star signs fortune telling for fun with my fiancé we don't take it too seriously but something I love to do with him when going out for coffee reading paper etc and we had the idea of making fortune chocolates. We were going to customise the fortunes too and fiancé wanted to make some funny fortunes. We thought it was inexpensive personal (also small for travel) and would be some entertainment for guests. 


    Thing I am struggling with is an arch for ceremony obviously we can't bring a huge arch over but the flower ones in italy are 3k! Im trying to brainstorm with chiffon material draped or something... 

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  • I went to a wedding with 35 people in Italy, in the order of service they had a really sweet illustrated timeline. It had two serrated lines, one for bride one for groom. It started with when they where born and then went through all the years and it slotted in each person who was at the wedsing as a guest and how they met their friend. For example i was in 1996 for the start of secondary school with the bride, the grooms best man was from 1992 and a football team. Uni friends etc.

    i hope I've explained that, it was really sweet and nice to know everyone and where they fitted in into the couple lives. obviously this wouldn't work with loads of guests or overly- complex relationship! 

    If not that, how about using a photo/ polariod as the place setting for each person. They can be easily carried out with you. 


  • I went to a destination wedding and the order of service/order of the day were shaped like fans which were great to cool us down during the ceremony

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    For our wedding in Spain, we're going to buy a heart hole punch and make confetti out of maps (ties in with the travel theme) and tube maps (we're from London), to sprinkle on tables. Cheap, takes hardly any luggage space, and works on any table layout. 

    We're also going to string some photos up (both of the people attending and those who couldn't, as a way of kind of having them there), and give Panama hats and Spanish fans as favours, to help guests stay cool.

  • mandeleinemandeleine Posts: 9

    I would love paper lanterns or  fairy lights!I love fairy lights and definitely gonna use them in my wedding.Thinking about hanging them over each table in the reception if it is allowed.

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