Santorini wedding costs.. help!

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this post has been raised countless times before- I've looked and searched but can't seem to find any information! :( Looking to tie the knot in May 2019, but we are torn between whether to stay in the UK or head to Santorini for the wedding. We know that if we travel to Santorini then our wedding party will be much smaller, but are willing to sacrifice that for a once in a lifetime wedding. We are trying to weigh up the difference in costs between the two, but I haven't a clue about how much the cost will roughly be in Santorini as I've emailed wedding planners but they aren't replying.

Is anyone able to provide me a rough ball park figure as to what a venue would cost in either Le Ciel or Dana villas, for both the ceremony and reception, with a sit down meal and drinks included for 30 people?

If we stay in the UK we have budgeted around £12,000 but ideally we would like the cost in Santorini to be a bit less than this so that we can help pay for wedding party's accommodation.


Thanks in advance :) xx


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    Hi Kirsty, there is a santorini forum which will be very helpful and has some budget ideas towards the last few pages.

    wr are getting married in Dana villas with our reception in pyrgos in June 2018, we have budgeted £13,000 which includes a trip over there, flights and accommodation for the actual wedding and £1000 spending money for when we are there. 

    We have a small party of around 25 including three kids and I only have one bridesmaid. 

    I think regardless of location a number of your costs will be the same for example you still need photographer, hair, make up, dress, suits! None of these change depending on location As they are key to the wedding. 

    Hope this helps xx

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    Hi Kirsty, 

    I have spent time doing the costs for Le Ciel for 30 people, and it is not cheap. I can email you over my spreadsheet if you like? I have done comparisons for 2 different wedding planners too.

    We've provisionally booked Le Ciel for 29/6/2019 :) 

    As for paying towards accommodation for guests, depending on where you stay you can get 1 week hotel with breakfast and flights from gatwick for £400pp or as flights go every day people could come for a weekend if they wanted to save some money. I found cheapest was on Expedia. 

    We are going out end of April 17 for a week to look at venues etc and it is £690 for the 2 of us including car hire at Mediterranean White hotel in Kamari

    Amber x

  • Hi Kirsty 


    I am a very experienced photographer in the East midlands area of England and I'm looking to create an international portfolio. If you would like to have a chat about any way I could help you out here please do get in contact for a chat to see if we could work something out. I would love to hear from you.


  • Hello! I am a wedding planner based in Greece! If you need any help planning your wedding, contact me for more information! You can visit our website for more information: 

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    Hello thank you for this thread as I too am struggling to find relevant costs. I am new to wedding planning and would really appreciate any help, Ambam 19 would you mind sending me your spreadsheet too? My email is [email protected] Thank you in advance. 

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