Certificate of No Impediment Ravello

hi ladies

we have just got back from the registry office where we have applied for our certificate of no impediments for our wedding at the town hall in ravello Italy.

our wedding planner told us we will need the full address listed in the place of marriage box on the certificates but the registrar said this was really unusual and it's usually just the town and country so to double check.

has anyone else got married in ravello and already sorted their paperwork? If so what did you put?

i can't find an email address anywhere to check directly with the town hall but I know they are really fussy so am worried the paperwork will be wrong when we get there now :-/ x


  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 224 New bride

    We're getting married in lake como, our planner has provided the full address of the town hall for us to put on the CNI but we haven't got that far yet x

  • Hello,

    Don't panic, has your CNI got 'Ravello, Italy' written on it? If so then it should be fine, Ravello Town Hall are fussy but they have accepted 'Ravello, Italy' written in my experience many times.

    Send a copy to your wedding planner and ask them to check directly with the Town Hall- it will be quicker and easier this way rather than trying to contact them directly. The Town Hall are slow to reply to emails usually so your Planner will be able to call and verify, then send a copy for approval.

    Good luck :)

    Catherine x

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Thank you for your help.

    The CNI's have got the full address on them but i have double checked with our planner and he has said both the full address and the town/country options will be accepted.

    I also managed to get an email address for the town hall and they replied pretty quickly! If google translate is correct i think they have also said that both options are fine so i will try and stop worrying now! x

  • Hello, glad they replied quickly- it seems that you were lucky!

    I am sure they will be fine with regards to the address- the key thing is that your names on all documents are EXACTLY the same as those on your passports :)

    Hope you enjoy Ravello and have a lovely wedding :) 



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