Italy Pre-wedding day get together... thoughts please!

Hi everyone... I'm planning to arrange a get together for all our friends and family the day before the wedding and trying to keep costs down (this would be optional and they'd have to pay as unfortunately we just can't afford to pay for this activity as well as the wedding). Thought it'd be a nice thing to propose though as most people are coming out for the whole week so spending a bit more time with everyone would be fab!

anyway these are our two favourite options atm and wondered what you all think is nicer? is anyone else doing something similar? 


You will have the boat at your disposal for 2 hours including aperitif and nibbles. The boat has an open and indoor space. You can also have music onboard during the cruise.

Rate: €40 per pax including exclusive boat rental for 2 hours, prosecco and aperitif on board
Kids from 6 to 12 year old € 20
Approx €5pp for taxis to/from the lake


transfer by bus to winery... Here you will enjoy a visit of the premise and vineyards, before sitting down to taste their selection of wines, from sparkling to white, rosè, red. Wine accompanied by typical Tuscan dinner of bruschettas, cured meat, cheese, salads, dessert etc...
Music is allowed if you bring a speaker. A lot of space and playground for kids. Transfer back to hotel around 8:30pm.

Rate: €35-45 per pax  including transfers, winery tour, tastings, dinner (price depends how many people) 

Kids from 3 to 12 year old € 30

We are so torn lol we both love boat trips and that was our original idea but the winery seems better value for money? 




  • BBQ also sounds great 😄 yeah that was my thinking too... just hard to decide which one will be more popular so as many people as possible come! X

  • All of our guests arrive the day before the wedding so we are just doing a PIzza and beer evening, which is being catered for by our caterers, I have only invited people for 3 nights as we are paying for everyone's accommodation but are considering hiring a minibus to take everyone into Siena and doing brunch sightseeing the day after.

    Keeping the time together short has meant that we don't need to spend the whole time worrying about entertaining people, but in our details card we have included the information about a tour operator in Tuscany if they want to do anything on their own.

  • I'd go for the boat trip personally, but both sound like great ideas. So whichever you choose will be amazing. 

  • Thank girls! Pizza and beer night sounds ideal!!!!  two of my favourite things haha 🎉🇮🇹 And Siena is lovely so that'd be nice although if I was a guest the morning after I would probs be hungover and not up for sightseeing 😂🙈it's a good idea to include info of a tour operator I might pop that on our website as lots of our guests are coming for the week as their main holiday! 

    Yeah I think we are swaying towards the boat... then everyone can go off and do their own thing for dinner after! Xx

  • Thanks Bexy - I think we will go with the boat it seems the most popular :D 

    Where are you getting married? I would do it afterwards but we are going to Venice for our minimoon so it'll have to be a pre-wedding event for us! x

  • Boat trip sounds great, will be a better atmosphere! Or a pizza party to be traditional...

    Have fun! 

    Catherine x

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