Deposits and how to know if you're being told things to get you to book?!


As above really. We are getting married in Santorini in 2019 so a while off yet but we have just paid a deposit on our venue so that we don't lose the date. I asked our wedding planner what the next part is and she said that we need to book the officiant other wise the wedding won't be legal and apparently there is only one on the island?! I asked what she needed from us - she said that she would need 500euros deposit to book her services and she would book the officiant.

It doesn't seem unreasonable I suppose but we hadn't anticipated having to put money down yet as it is so far away. And does 1 officiant on the island sound right? I guess the videos I have watched on youtube all do appear to have the same man marrying the couple so, maybe.

Could anyone give me their thoughts please?


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    I don't know anything about Santorini specifically but if it were me, I think I'd try and contact the officiant myself first and see what they say. Giving the planner hundreds of pounds seems a bit risky unless you have total trust in them so I'd check costs directly first.

  • Hello,

    I am an (English) wedding planner in Italy so I am not sure how things work in Santorini specifically, but as your wedding is 2019 and abroad then I would really look into getting wedding insurance. I advise this to all of my clients that are getting married over 12 months away. The economic climate in Italy and Greece is much more fragile than in the UK so it is just safe to be covered when you start to spend lots of money on deposits.

    It's possible that there has to be a specific officiant booked for it to be a legal ceremony, but I would try and get in touch with past Santorini Brides to try and hear of their experiences. I would find it really hard to believe that 2019 is filling up already so quickly, unless Santorini is even more popular than the Amalfi Coast where I am based, or Italy in general.

    Many venues here in Italy aren't accepting 2019 bookings quite yet and the Town Halls certainly aren't- so just to be safe have a look in to wedding insurance and have a chat with other Santorini Brides.

    Good luck :)

    Best wishes,

    Catherine x

  • Dear Ambam,

    In Santorini are for sure 2 officiant, I know it very well as I work with more than 8 different wedding planners, maybe she work only with 1.

    I think those 2 have different prices, take a look those 2 photos that I attach to check those officiant from Santorini:


    It depend of which wedding planner you will use about the officiant, some work only with 1 some other work with the second and some other work with both. I can tell you for sure which planner use both officiant. 

    Your friend, Ben.


  • Hi Ambam19,

    I'd be very careful if I were you. We're also wanting to get married in 2019 in Greece or Italy and so far all of the planners and holiday shops have said they can't take bookings until start of 2018.

    Best to be wary 

    Ellé x

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    Thanks everyone. I'm not worried about the legitimacy of the planner as I have had her confirmed by a few different people and I have booked the venue directly as they have just brought out their  policies and prices for 2019.

    i guess I was checking whether one officiant sounded right but Ben has explained that to me difeerent planners work with different ones which makes sense

  • For sure there are 2 officiant on the island because I know them very well, but I don't know if there are more than 2. Some other brides they made first the documents in the municipalities office with signs and after they made just a symbolic ceremony to avoid this cost.

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