Wedding venues in Greece or Italy - help!


Me and my fiancee got engaged the Christmas just gone (yay!) and we've just started the planning process now. We're wanting to get married in June 2019 which I understand is a long way away but we're just trying to get our heads round everything!

We have so far looked at Cloisters in Sorrento but struggling to find somewhere for the evening reception, Villa Eva in Ravello and Sani Resort in Halkidiki. I've messaged a few wedding planners but struggling to get answers as its to far in advance which I kind of understand but I'm just wanting rough prices.

If anyone has been or is getting married in Italy or Greece and know of any good venues or planners they could share, it would be much appreciated!

Our budget is £10k for absolutely everything. We thought this was a decent budget but I've noticed on other threads people have had double the budgets and have been struggling to find anything within their budgets!

Like I said any help would really be appreciated :)




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    Hi Elle! 

    Congratulations! :)

    You will definitely get more for you money in Greece, with a budget of 10k, Italy won't offer you much at all I'm afraid! What are you numbers like for the wedding? 

    Have you considered Crete or any other Greek Islands? We are getting married in Santorini, we started with a budget of £8k and we are closer to £14k now. xx

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    Hi Elle,


    a cost of a wedding in Italy mainly depends on the number of guests that will attend.

    A friend got help from this boutique wedding planning agency.


    It is based in Italy and the girls who own it are english mother tongue


    Hope this was of help and good luck!



  • Hey Elle,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    I am English and grew up in the UK, now I spend most of my time in Italy (I am based in Amalfi) and work as a wedding planner across the country for English clients or English-speakers.

    How many guests do you have? This will be the big part of your budget. Ravello and Sorrento are lovely, but may be more difficult if you are trying to stick to a tight budget. Villa Eva does offer a great quality-price ratio though.

    Don't discount other parts of Italy, there are some stunning areas that offer much more value for money that the Amalfi Coast which tends to be the most expensive.

    You said that you have already been in touch with wedding planners but if you would like more information then please let me know, my email address is below. I totally understand that in the beginning stages you are just trying to get a feel for costs and everything else so there is absolutely no obligation if you do choose to write.

    Best wishes,

    Catherine x

    [email protected]

  • GillP2

    Thanks very much :)

    With Greece I'm struggling to find somewhere 'exciting'. We don't particularly wan't a hotel wedding, more something with beautiful views and some character. Santorini is beautiful though and one of the places we've been considering. We think we'll have about 50ish by the time people have dropped out.

    Do you mind if I ask who you've booked your wedding through?

    Ellé xx

  • maika83! xx

  • Hi Elle, 

    I honestly could have just written that post! Engaged Christmas and looking either Greece or Italy (summer 2019) and so stuck!! 

    We have a tighter budget though as we are saving for a house as well - fun few years in store for us haha! 

    I think I will have to rule out Italy after doing some digging. It just doesn't seem affordable on our budget. I just want the rustic feel of Italy for a venue with a greek beach for a buffet BBQ haha! 

    I worked as a wedding planner in Cyprus and Rhodes so if you have any questions on places there please feel free to ask. 

    Good Luck xx

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    Hi Elle,

    no problem we booked through Nikos at santorini wedding. we are not having as many guests as you we have 25 so half your numbers! 

    What about Elounda Bay or Chania in Crete? xx

  • Hi all 

    I am getting married at San Crispolto villa in Tuscany with the ceremony in Cortona town hall/ cathedral. The villa is expensive but sleeps 20ish and so if everyone chips in a bit for the accommodation then it makes it cheaper (plus you get a holiday out of it). It's worth having a look as it's so beautiful there and you get complete privacy. 

    Good luck, it's hard making the initial decisions.We just booked for Aug 2018 and it's such a relief. 


  • I'm getting married in Sorrento in Italy, ceremony at the cloisters and reception at hotel mediterraneo. We've gone for the top package which is €10k for 35 guests including our accommodation and flights so it can be done! I researched for a good 6 months and visited venues before booking though - we were given quotes for double the price for exactly the same package so it's worth shopping around 😊 

  • We are getting married in Tuscany, our wedding is very small - 12 guests all in. Our budget is £15k but we are paying for everything for 3 days and nights including flights.

    Our wedding breakfast is much more expensive than we thought but that it because they can't do mass catering and leverage the savings with such a small group if we had 100 guests it would have been around £30 a head.

    We are also NOT doing a package as this gives us much more flexibility over costs, and we also don't feel like we are on a conveyer belt. Our wedding planner is amazing and I would heartily recommend using one - you tell them your budget and they will make it work. Look at

    I also suggest finding the place you want to have your ceremony in but keep your options open for reception venues - where the majority of your budget will be spent, as your planner will have some lesser known venues up their sleeve that are equally as stunning. When we visited Siena, she showed us 3 venues, 2 of which were great and we were umming and arrhing not knowing how to decide and she asked if we would visit another place, a wild card. Well to say we fell in love with it is the understatement of the century...we also have it at a steal as this is only their second wedding but I trust our planner implicitly that nothing will go wrong


  • Hello!! We too are newly engaged and hoping for a Greece wedding in 2019/2020!  I have so many questions and nobody to ask, I don't yet feel ready to commit to a wedding planner.

    Could anyone advise on how long you need to be in Greece before marrying? I have read somewhere that it's 7 working days and then 3 days after? 

    I have also heard that you have the blessing and reception on one day but then have to marry at the town hall separately too? 

    If anyone could clarify this I'd be very grateful ☺

    Happy Planning to everyone!!! X

  • Hi Elle, we are in exactly the same position!! We were engaged christmas just gone and are looking at June 2019. We have looked into Greece and Italy and potentially Spain. Cyprus is very common for weddings which is why i havent looked into it too much - but it's obviously popular for a reason, because it's lovely! 

    I am really struggling to find somewhere that 'wows' me without it costing an absoloute fortune. 

    I have got in touch with a few wedding planners, some even told me my budget (10k for all) was unrealistic and I needed to up it! The only planner who has been great so far is Karen at Lindos Weddings. There seems to be something for everything with the venues they work with. My issue here is the one i love (Ktima) is out of my budget, typically. 

    I would love to hear how you get on and any potential venues you have seen, perhaps we could share ideas.


    Jenny - from speaking with a planner for Greece recently (Rhodes) she advised 5 days before the wedding and then 2-3 days after you have to go to the town hall to sign documentation. 




  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks all for commenting I haven't been getting notifications so didn't realise so many had messaged back!

    Charlotte319 this is so weird! Me and my fiancee are literally just about to sign contracts on our first house together, so we're pretty stretched with money at the moment as well as the whole house needs furnishing! 

    I had my heart set on Italy but it doesn't seem possible with my budget sadly 

    Louise256 do you mind letting me know who you booked through? Cloisters is one of the places we've looked at and I've visited it last year on holiday (by accident) and it was absolutely beautiful!

    Emma-49 it sounds like we're in the exact same boat! I've message SOOO many wedding planners and I either get told they can't share current prices with me until next year and I've also had a fair few laugh at me for my budget! I've had a look at other threads on here and noticed a few saying they had double or more than my budget and was struggling to not spend over.

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment! 

    I'd love to hear everyones plans and themes though for their wedding  I just want to book everything now! xx



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    Elle25 I'm not sure if this would be of interest to you but you get lots for your money in Malta and also Croatia, both stunning locations!

    It's so hard to find something you love and can afford and often you have to compromise on one or the other :( 


  • GillP2 I haven't looked at those locations yet but I'm willing to keep my options open!

    Just had a look at the 2 locations in Crete you mentioned and I've already found a few beautiful places I like the look of! Will send some more emails off today xx

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Elle25 It's the best way to be and you will find somewhere you absolutely love! One of my friends got married in Portugal, they were married in a church and then the reception was in Suites alba, they had 70 guests and they spent around £12k. 

    Portugal is also very easily accessible for guests as well it has some beautiful venues. 


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    Hiya i got married in Rhodes last June,  i got married on a place called filerimos it was lovely, we didnt have to be in Rhodes for a certain amount of time but we did get there 8 days before, i would defo recommed unforgetable rhodes x

  • Try Rosciano castle in Umbria, you can make it with 3000£. how lovely!


  • @elle25 we booked directly with the hotel. I found most venues in Sorrento have their own wedding planner who will sort the ceremony and reception and everything else for you just like a normal wedding planner, and booking direct worked out a lot cheaper for us 😊 

  • Thanks @Carly88 and @Louise256 I will definitely check them out!

    @GillP2 Suites Alba looks lovely and has lots of amazing reviews. We've been talking to the wedding planner their and they've been very helpful. Did your friend go direct with the hotel or use a planner / travel agent? I noticed First Choice have got it in their wedding brochure for 2017 / 18 but obviously we'd have to wait until next year to book xx

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Elle25 It is a beautiful venue! they used a planner and didn't go through a travel agent, they used for the planning aspect and booked flights and hotel etc seperately.


  • Hi Elie 25, Congratulations!

    Have you looked at Cephalonia Greek Island? It has a lot of great venues in different style and it isn't also a very expensive island! 

    You can have a wedding at Melissani lake (crystal waters and amazing colors) or beach wedding (Cephalonia has a lot of famous and wonderful hidden beaches) or chapel wedding or a private villa wedding with breathtaking views!

    You can have a look here:

    & here:

    It is one of the best wedding companies in Cephalonia and Ithaka!

    Hope I've been helpful!!!! 

  • Hi

    i also got engaged Xmas day. We are getting married July 2018 in Rhodes. The date has been confirmed today for the 31st July at st Paul's chapel, it's stunning. X

  • Elle25 Hi, I'm from US and I'm going to marry in Rome in May 2018. Civil Ceremony will be just for me and the hubby (at Red Hall, Campidoglio Square), then families and friends will join for the reception (we are going to be not more than 35 ppl. in total).

    I think Rome has affordable prices, especially if you have a small number of guests and you book everything in advance. A friend of mine got married in Ravello and it was great but definitely pricy (we were around 25 ppl.).

    Rome is full of art and history and we are really happy of our choice (I studied in Rome six months at college time). I also suggest you to contact a wedding planner to manage the preparation, because it's important to have somebody local and Italian speaker (I started planning by myself and yes, it was difficult).

    My wedding planner is:

    If you like, I know just outside Rome there are some small pretty cities where the civil marriage is free of tax (Red Hall in Rome is on payment).

    Hope it helps!



  • Hi Elle25,


    I would message a few wedding planners and let them know your budget. My wedding would be around 10k euro but its for a small group (ravello) so it depends on how many people you would like to come. Cutting the guest list cuts the cost significantly


    From all my research in ravello, Villa eva is cheaper and also a family run hotel/restaurant called hotel parsifal. The parsifal menu includes decor, set up (v basic) and starts 100 euro pp it has a nice view of the cost but from the pics it would be a more relaxed wedding

    Im looking at hotel caruso but I am only able to afford due to a small guest list

    Happy hunting :) 

  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 248 New bride
    GillP2Elle25 wrote (see post):

    Elle25 It is a beautiful venue! they used a planner and didn't go through a travel agent, they used for the planning aspect and booked flights and hotel etc seperately.


    Thanks @GillP2 I've just dropped them an email! Thank you for everyone elses suggestions as well its given me lots of ideas :) xxx

  • Hi Elle,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    We recently launched an online wedding directory for couples, similar to yourself, considering a wedding in Italy,

    It's free to use and we are continuously adding new and exciting suppliers to our site.

    There are also some practical tips and examples of Real Weddings for you to enjoy.

    Many Thanks,

  • felicia4felicia4 Posts: 8

    Hi there, 

    do you know about Loves Young Dream Weddings?

    They're a bespoke wedding planning service for couples who want to get married abroad in Halkidiki, Greece. What is great about their service is they have a number of wedding packages on their website that you can choose from, or their packages can form a base to build upon to create your dream wedding. They're aren't a hotel, the venue is more of a beach bar/taverna. The location is jaw droppingly stunning next to the tuquiose waters of an exotically beautiful beach. They're really friendly and helpful, and they really take care of everything but totally in communication with you so that your wedding reflects your style as a couple. 

    I know its quite far in advance of your proposed wedding date but I suggest booking a free consultation with the Creative Director who can give you the low down about getting married in Greece, and answer any question you may have. 

    I wish you all the luck in the world! <3 

  • maika83maika83 Posts: 30

    Hi there,


    i would recommend getting in touch with an italian based wedding planner in case you've decided Italy will be your destination.


    Based in Rome!

  • Antonio3Antonio3 Posts: 4


    I am Italian myself and I can give you some hints...

    8k pounds is not much BUT you can make an Italian wedding I am telling you, even in the most famous places if you know the tricks!

    For example, if you want to marry in the lake Como, I will tell you how to do an outstanding marriage with the budget you provided. Which is more or less what an Italian average couple would spend (probably less)

    Take a restaurant specialized in marriages, I will make three names

    Sottovento (in Lierna)

    Breva (in Lierna)

    Villa Giulia al terrazzo (Parè di Valmadrera)

    La Madonnina di Barni (on the top of a hill. The view is nice but it's not on the lake, so I would not suggest it)

    You can spend more or less 80 or 90 euros up to 100 or 110 euros

    Then rent a cheap hotel/bed and breakfast for the guests, even better find apartments with airbnb and contact directly the ownwers from their websites (they save the money for the airbnb and they will make an additional discount)

    and it's done! Once you pay this the biggest expense is already paid. The trick is to avoid renting villas, they are much more expensive because the personnell (cooks, waiters etc. ) must come from other towns, and they have to carry the kitchen for the catering. While if you rent a place already specialized in marriages you avoid that


    Some of the villas are privately owned, some others are owned by the Italian government. The latter will charge you very little money for photo shooting and relatively little for renting the whole place... E.G. Villa Monastero in Varenna --> 100 Euros for the couple plus photographer and 5 euros each for any additional guest... I am actually going to do that myself...

    Please note that unfortunately in Italy when they understand you are going to marry they try to charge you much more (I would say an additional 10 or 15 % ) and even worse if they understand you are a foreigner and you don't exactly know the prices

    Now I gotta I go I will be glad to help if I can

    Please note this is all first hand information, I am going to marry in Varenna myself this July...

    Also note that in Italy there are many lakes and locations almost completely unkwown abroad. Lake Pusiano and lake Annone have locations almost comparable to lake Como (they are very close to it) but I would say 30% at least less the price. for example there is the La Limonaia restaurant in lake Pusiano, town of Merate, good for a shabby chic marriage. I think it should be about 80 euros per person, if you bargain even less


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