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Any suggestions for Malta venues?

Hi, I'm looking to get married in Malta in 2019 and me and my h2b are going out to have a look at venues next month. Has any one had there wedding in Malta and would be willing to share some pics of the bridal party/ venues as I'm struggling to find nice photos online! And any venue recommendations to look at while we're out there would also be a great help, as again I'm finding very little online! TIA xx


  • Hey =)

    Im getting married in May 2017 at Polazzo Villa Rosa in St Julians. It is absolutely beautiful on photos and when we went to view it took our breath away. We first got in touch with Sarah Young who is now our wedding planner and is amazing! Her and her team have dealt with any query i have had and they have sourced everything i have wanted down to prices etc. She picked us up in St Julians and took us to 3 of our chosen venues but you could go to as many as you wanted. She charges €100 euros for this service as she drives you around all day (for us it was 2 days) but if you decide to book with her company she deducts this from your bill straight away.

    There is also a Castello in Mgar that is beautiful, inside and out, however for us it was too out of the way so if you had older guests who wanted to leave earlier etc they would have to wait. You would have to arrange a coach for your party.

    Good luck with everything. Im here if you need to know anything else! =) x


  • Hi

    I got married in Malta and it was so much cheaper than doing it in the UK and they have so many choices for venues.  My two favourites were Palazzo Parisio and Montekristo Estates but they also have old castles and modern hotels so there's a lot to choose from for such a tiny island.

    Others we looked at were:

    Upper Baraka Gardens, Valletta

    Phoenicia Hotel, Valletta

    Seaport Restaurant, Marsaxlokk

    I have lots of family in Malta so I visit a lot.  If you need any more help please let me know.

    Good luck x


  • Steve48Steve48 Posts: 1

    HI, I'm very familiar with Malta. My cousin married there and I go regularly for work.

    What time of year are you getting married? I  can suggest many venues but it depends on whether you want indoor, outdoor, beach etc.. I also know a great photographer.


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