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Trying to get an outfit for the groom to be

Why are men (unless it's just mine) so awkward to find the right clothing for hahahaha 


My fiance is a bit of a stickler for what he likes and don't like  I'd go as far as he's stuck in his ways 

At present he only wears the same pair of jeans over and over whether we are  going tesco or out  for a nice dinner pmsl,shirts have to be long sleeve,won't wear short sleeve, t-shirt if the sleeve isn't at elbow length he won't wear it,I've tried going round all shops with him, nightmare, and I thought I was bad,it's physically impossible to get him a pair of jeans it's I'm 45 not 16 I don't do slim fit,skinny fit, cropped,twisted, but due to today's fashion that is the majority of jeans or even trousers on sale,then we can't get the size as he is quite slender so he has a 30 waist but wants a long leg (only 5'9) but don't want to look a prat (his words) In anything shorter, nowhere seems to do 30 long, even m & s waists start at 32, we've been through the usual dept stores,top man burton asos, next,very etc

Now this is causing  issues with wedding attire,as we are marrying on the beach it was to be a tan/oatmeal  linen suit, trousers shirt,and waistcoat. that was his choice, now all the trousers we have seen are slim fit, no way I'm getting him in those he says hahaha,then the others are slightly cropped,that's a no too, then none long enough in leg for him  then shoes, i was trying to show him photos of similar suits and what not and most suggested loafers,that's a big no,again men Thst wear them look idiots 😂😂,at this point I'm thinking naturist folk have the right idea lol.

Do the shops not stock linen suits until summer, as they seem to be very few and far between? 

Maybe if he actually tried some of these slim fit suits on he may change his mind, I mean how can you say you'd look an idiot without even trying?  then again I think there's more chance of hell freezing over lmao.

Plus have searched the net and he can't find what he is after or likes, does anyone have ideas or if you did a beach wedding where did your hubby buy his clothes also what did they wear on their feet 

Many thanks 



  • Hey I'm having a beach wedding and have only just managed to get my h2b in a suit he likes! He also wanted shorts or a linen suit but aftee I spoke to a few hire/buy shops they had no linen options and no shorts (hoorah as I had vetoed the short idea haha!) and they did point out linen creases so easily it'll look bad on the day after a few hours! Anyway he was adamant he wasn't wearing a full suit but after trying some lightweight ones on he came round to the idea! They're really thin and airy and they do sandstone too if that's what you're after! And I'm a suit shop they can tailor the trousers to the fit he likes 👍 his full outfit to buy costs around £400 but he might hire it for £150... i say take him to 'have a look' and let the shop staff know he's difficult first lol... they're the experts so he might listen to them? Good luck x

  • Suze3Suze3 Posts: 51

    Thanks for the reply, yes I think sandstone is the colour he was looking at, i have this vision of miami vice from the 80s  hahahaha 

    May have to take him to some shops, he actually looked at the shorts too hahahaha 

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    I don't think it's just your OH, my fiancé is a nightmare when it comes to trousers. He's slim a 31" waist I know this because I measured him but he insists on wearing a 34 waist so all his trousers look baggy, there is no way I'll get him in slim fit trousers won't even try a pair on as he says his bum is too big!! Haven't started suit shopping yet but we've found a place that properly measure and alter suits so fingers crossed that someone else telling him his trousers are too baggy he might listen! 

  • It's still a bit early for shops to have their summer suit ranges in but suggest you try Moss Bross, they do a tailored range of all of their suits you can choose pretty much everything from buttons material and cut. Works out between £250 - £500 dependent on material /additions not bad for an almost bespoke perfect fitting suit. It's what we are looking at doing.


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