Sorrento Wedding 2018

And so it starts...time to make plans for one of the biggest days of my life - my wedding day with the man I looooooove :) We have decided on Sorrento, Italy in May 2018. Off to visit there end of February, just to get an idea and to feel secured that this is the place. 

Decided to have our wedding abroad as we will have guests from the UK, Denmark, Japan and Vancouver - maybe even Hong Kong, so really we saw it ideal that everyone had to travel. Sorry to some, yay to others :) Searched and found Italy would be perfect for us - love the culture, food and ...well the wine! after researching Florence and Tuscany, we ended up falling in lovee with Sorrento - those views are simply stunning, breathtaking and we would be able to combine it with a bit of historic travels to Pompei and Vesuvio.

Have been reading blogs here and wow there is a lot of choices and info out there. We have decided on a budget of around 12k, so I have better man up and be a good girl and not spend it all at once, hehe:)

And this is the start of this adventure...I will keep up updated. Do let me hear what you get up to and how you make decisions. 


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    we marry in the beautiful Sorrento on 20th May this year! There are 2 really good feeds on here, 'wedding at Villa Fondi July 2017' by mrsg2b2017 and 'Sorrento coast wedding June 2016' by MrsNewton2b

    we have chosen Villa Fondi for our wedding for the spectacular views! We have Francesco De Tito for photos and we are staying in the Grand Hitel Aminta.  But you will be so spoilt for choice! We are process of sorting our legal stuff out and have just bought our rings! 

    Good luck with it all, it's great fun!! X

  • Hi, I have been reading them and taking notes - they really are full of great info. Soon many things to ponder. And wow you are way ahead of us for planning -  we are aiming for around the 17th/18th of May, but haven't done any reservations at all.

    We are most likely going for the Cloisters and maybe the reception at a Hotel - haven't decided which yet. But hopefully our trip end of Feb will give us the info we need.

    Are you using a planner? We are meeting with Cheryl from Bella Sposa, a Thomson representative and going to one of the hotels I like - just to get an idea.

    There literally are millions of choices, but thats the fun part of it :) Right...?

    Enjoy your journey!

  • And then I get packages in from Ionian Weddings....havent heard much about them. Time for some searching again then...

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    There is so much choice, try not to swamp yourself with too many.  Yes we used Exclusive Italy Weddings, they charged us £1,000.  They have been great and are so laid back about everything it's scary as I wanted it all sorting a year ago!!!!! But the planning has been stress free and through emails has been sorted with ease. 

    There are only 5 of us going over as I did not want anything big, just very intimate. So that's been so easy too.  We got a fantastic deal with our hotel as we booked early and paid upfront too.  Lots seem to go for the hotel med. 

    good luck and enjoy the planning! X

  • Hi Lisa, I will try, but just hard - so easily swayed to new sides and ideas. Guess I have got to learn to say stop and go with first instinct of what feels right... as if that's easy:)

    Wish at times I could do a small intimate group or just elope - run and hide, Ha! But I'm sure I will love it, so we are aiming for around 30-35... pending how many actually comes.

    Oh and I found a fab Facebook group - Sorrento and Amalfi Coast Weddings - great forum. 

    Helps to know there are other people out there going through the same thing;)

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    Hi Ninus,

    We are planning a wedding for Sorrento in Spring Summer 2018 too. Did you find out from Cheryl what her fees are?

  • Hey,

    We're looking at booking Sorrento for May 2018 too! I've visited sorrento twice - but only the once ot look at wedding venues and villa fondi and the Cloisters :) 

    I personally fell in love with the Cloisters - what a beautiful town hall it is! how did you find your visit? Town hall dates come out soon - have you chose your wedding planner now?

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    Hi everyone,

    I don't know if this is of any help since its already June but I thought I will share my experience. I just came back from my wedding in was on the 31st of May. The ceremony, apperitiv and dinner were all in the Grand Hotel Royal which was amazing! They treated us like kings and organized every last detail for us. The event manager, Mr. Giuseppe de Genaro was fantastic. They even printed lovely menus for our tables without having asked them. All our guests loved it and I am forever grateful to all the staff at the hotel. We also went for a foodtasting and were not charged for it, despite trying most things on the menu. The food was first class and served in the most beautiful china you can imagine. Also, the wine glasses were beautiful and real crystal. Some of our guests had special food requirements due to allergies and the hotel made a special menu for them at no extra charge. Another great thing is that the hotel upgraded us to a huge suite for our whole stay. The room was overlooking the bay of Napoli and the Vesuvio. Also, the garden and the ceremony terrace look towards the sea and the Vesuvio. There is only one event per night at the hotel so there is no danger of having another wedding or event taking place at the same time. I highly recommend this wedding venue!! It is worth every cent!

    In case you are looking for some amazing local music, we booked Michele from Sorrento Music. He speaks perfect English and was extremely helpful and friendly. He also helped me coordinate everything with the wedding venue and he took care of the papers such as the SIAE copy right tax without charging me for the service. We hired him and his colleague to play the guitar and the mandolin for an hour during our ceremony and reception and he gave us a very good price. It was amazing! you can chose from traditional Neapolitan songs or any song you like and they will learn to perform it for you. Cant praise them enough! The also offer jazz bands, DJ service and more. By the time we discovered Michele, we had already booked another live jazz band which I will mention below, but in case you wanted to have the whole music organized by one person, I highly recommend talking to Michele. Here is a link to his Website:

    For the dinner, we booked a live jazz band with 4 musicians and one singer. They were also amazing and came all the way from Rome but did not charge us any travel expenses. The name is Gianluca Galvani Jazz Quartet. Gianluca spoke perfect english and was very helpful. We organized everything per email and paid them cash at the end of the event. The were on time, they performed all the Songs we wanted, and all our guests loved them! Highly recommend!


    If you are looking for a celebrant, we used Rosa Pauli, who was very sweet and helpful.


    For flowers, we used Fiori Sorrento. Giuseppe, the owner, spoke english and we organized everything per email.


    If I can be of any help to anyone please let me know!

    Best of luck and enjoy,


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    Hi Girls!

    me and my fiancee are getting married on September 2018.

    Until now I've just booked the photographer, because I'm planning to take a tour of Sorrento next month to decide the location.

    In the meantime, I would like to share my happiness in finding a special and professional person, Alessandra, who took care of every special request I made for the shooting (I love photos in general).

    She's also not so expensive!

    Hope it helps :)



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    Hey Sara, 

    We are also getting married in september 2018 in Sorrento! Sooo excited!

    Have you decided what venues you are going to visit next month? We went in May and visited a few! I'm so glad we went before because before we left I thought I had decided and I completely changed my mind after visiting, 



  • Sara90RomeSara90Rome Posts: 26
    Crystal-2 wrote (see post):

    Hey Sara, 

    We are also getting married in september 2018 in Sorrento! Sooo excited!

    Have you decided what venues you are going to visit next month? We went in May and visited a few! I'm so glad we went before because before we left I thought I had decided and I completely changed my mind after visiting, 



    Hi Crystal, 

    I've just fell in love with this place and it looks not so epxensive

  • Hi @Kimberley58

    I'm so sorry haven't been on here in ages. 

    Did you find any venues? 

    We visited Relais Blu, Castore and Villa Eliana.

    We have gone with Villa Fondi for a civil ceremony and then onto Villa Eliana. 

    Can't wait 



  • Hi All,

    I’m getting married in July 19 at Cloisters. Booked a wedding package through Kuoni and will only be the two of us. Any recommendations for special wedding dinner for two?  Looking for a hairdresser also. 

    Thanks xx

  • Jen-5Jen-5 Posts: 1

    Hi Crystal,

    We have just booked Villa Eliana for our wedding in 2020. How was your wedding?


    I need some help...did you have a wedding planner or did Eliana staff do a lot for you? Im unsure as to whether i need to pay out for a planner or not.




  • Hi Jen-5 I am too booked for 2020 at villa Eliana how is your planning coming along? We don’t know where to have the ceremony? What date are you booked for in 2020? 


    Nicola xx

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