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Hi everyone!

I am newly engaged - never expected that I would ever be a bride after 11 years of waiting! So I have no idea where to start. 

We both really want to get married in Mexico carribean coast as this is where we got engaged. We both want something small and I'm not bothered over anything fancy - just wanted to go to a great resort with family and close friends to celebrate. 

I have enquired with the wedding travel company about weddings in Mexico- which they can do. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of these or.knows anyone who has? Very anxious about booking something and it turning out to be a nightmare!

Thanks in advance!

Laura x


  • Hey, 

    I haven't used them but I am getting married next year in mexico, I booked with Thomas Cook and they are great! X

  • Thanks Angelamay87!

    That is really great to know! Its such a minefield and as soon as I read a bad review it puts me off!

    I think that's going to be my best bet - will pop into a travel agent and look at some options with them.

    Thanks so much for the info! Hope you enjoy your wedding! X

  • Your welcome! We booked ours online (no thomas cook near me) and have been dealing with the wedding department over the phone! Has been smooth sailing so far

    I hope you manage to sort everything out x

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