Ravello Wedding - Villa Cimbrone

Hi everyone! Hope this finds you all well. 

I am planning my wedding for Summer 2018 and I am considering Villa Cimbrone. 

has anyone had their wedding there recently? and if so, could I be cheeky enough to ask how much they were charging for rental fees and menu per head?

thanks in advance!




  • Hi Nadia-2 !


    I looked into villa cimbrone which I fell it love with at first glance. I enquired about this place and a few others for my wedding in 2018. 

    I loved the crypt- beautiful arched area for reception is 5000 euros just to rent the space and doesn't include meal. the garden area is complementary but as I only have 30 guests I thought it be a too big a space for a small group and would feel odd. Ceremony I looked at was quite a bit (can't remember) I think was $5000 nz dollars  and isn't a legal/civil ceremony. its beautiful though( tea gardens). I want a civil ceremony which has to be at town hall( will be in gardens) this is also 20mins walk uphill from cimbrone so decided against cimbrone as an option. 

    meal is 240 euro per head plus 22% tax and doesn't include drinks. Best would be to ask them directly (from web) for some info on weddings and they will send you a brouchure of all prices and options. 

  • Hi Nadia,

    Congrats on your wedding!

    I am English and a wedding planner/stylist working in Italy- mainly Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Puglia (I am based in Amalfi). I know Villa Cimbrone and their staff really well, it is an absolutely magical venue but probably one of, if not the, most expensive venues around especially in terms of fees. Totally worth it though!

    Msbella gave some really useful information as a starting point, but Villa Cimbrone are very particular and detailed with their costs and regulations- there have been some very recent changes which are important to note so the prices are a bit more than those noted above. Some of this is also based on your guest count as well.

    Feel free to PM or email me for more information and I will be able to update you with exact rates/regulations/fees: [email protected]

    Catherine x



  • Hi Nadia-2! How exciting, Ravello is beautiful destination wedding location and I actually looked into having my wedding there in detail before doing a U-turn and deciding to book a UK venue after all. When I enquired into Villa Cimbrone they told me their prices start from 250 euros per adult for 80-100 guests, less guests cost more per head.

    You've probably looked already, but Hotel Caruso is also beautiful and has similar stunning cliffside views over the ocean - plus you can have the post-dinner party around the infinity pool, which is beautiful. I think it was actually a bit cheaper per head than Cimbrone, but you have to pay around 3000 euros for exclusive use of the pool area so I guess it would be a similar price overall.

    I think the least expensive option is Villa Eva which is also very pretty and has lovely gardens. You'll have the guaranteed weather in Italy! Have fun planning :) 

  • Hi Nadia!

    I have booked Cimbrone for my wedding, and it is such a magical place!

    If you want a weekend wedding, they request you to book all the rooms for 2 nights, which is around 30'000 EUR. Then, you must also book another event there, such as a welcome dinner / brunch.

    Use of the belvedere terrace is 7000 EUR and use of the Crypt is about 6000 EUR.

    Price per head for dinner is around 240 EUR based on 100-140 people.

    Hope this helps!


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