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Eloping - no idea were to go!

My partner and I would like to elope but are finding it very difficult to choose a place. We are coming from the UK and would like to go somewhere sunny but just the two of us. We would like a wedding planner to help with the legalities, a photographer on the day and just to go for a lovely romantic meal afterward. 

Our budget isn't massive, I would say about £2000 (including flights and accommodation for a week). Is this even manageable on this account? Has anyone booked with a travel agency? Any suggestions on where to go?!?! We really are stuck! Any help would be very grateful!! Also how long has it taken other people to plan their elopements? 


  • Have you tried Portugal, or somewhere like Slovakia, Montenegro or Budapest. I honestly am just throwing places out there as I actually don't have a clue! 

    I hope you can arrange something that suits.

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Where do you like to go on holiday? Portugal would be lovely! What about greece? X

  • I am biased as its my favourite place but Italy is lovely between March and October. My wedding planner has helped with lots of elopements. Her website is

    I know that you can also do packages with tour operators such as Thomson and First Choice

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Sounds like a lovely idea! I don't have experience with elopement but if it were me, I think Italy would be lovely and great food for your romantic meal!

    Out of curiosity, going by your forum name are you a folk music fan? :)

  • I'm in the Italy camp too. If I were to elope I would 100% choose Lake Garda. Clear & calm waters, mountains, vineyards, flowers and marinas. And of course prosecco!

  • Hi, I'm going to elope to Rome for the civil wedding (just me and my husband) in May 2018, then families and friends will be with us for the reception. We're from US and we think Italy is a great place for a romantic elopement.

    May I say, your budget has to be optimized well, especially because you want to include flights and staying. I suggest you to contact a wedding planner, a good one can be really helpful to spend the budget in the correct way. When I started to plan my elopement, I thought I could do everything by myself, but it's impossible without somebody local and Italian speaker to deal for the best.

    Hope it helps!


  • Julia58Julia58 Posts: 7

    Hi getyourfolkon,


    If you are on a tight budget and want to try and organise your own wedding you can find a few suppliers on this portal specific for weddings in Italy


    If you are looking for a wedding planner then try, I am using them for our wedding, they cover the whole of Italy and I know they do elopements too so they will be able to give you a suggestion.


    Good luck!


  • fabiennefabienne Posts: 28

    We got married in Santorini but would love the idea of a lake como wedding!

  • I would say Canary Islands or Morocco (but not sure about the legal side there, everything is quite cheap there!)! But outside the main season (summer). Let me know if you'd need a photographer! Would be exciting to shoot elopement there!

  • felicia4felicia4 Posts: 8

    Hi there, your budget seems very reasonable. I would contact helpful team at Loves Young Dream Weddings. They create beautiful bespoke dream weddings in beautiful Greece. They specialise in a region called Halkidki in northern Greece. It is very well known to the locals who often go there to summer, but its a well kept secret from the outside media, this keep the prices at a much more reasonable rate than the islands. Although, Halkidiki is only part of mainland Greece as a technicality, it is surrounded by turquoise waters. Loves Young Dream Weddings have a number of eay-to-choose wedding packages for sale on their website:

    Since its just the two of you though, I would definately recommend booking a free consultation with the Creative Director who will provide with everything you need to know about eloping to Greece to get married. 

    I wish you all the luck in the world! <3 

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