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Santorini- St Irene & Pygros September 2018

Hi everyone! 

Im getting married next year and in a bid to spend less on a planner and more on fun things like fireworks I'm hoping to do some of the planning myself. The wedding planner has booked the date for us and will sort the celebrant ect but will have to look at organising some other things myself! 

Has anyone been to St Irene that could tell me if there is a sound system available? I want to play a track when I walk down the isle!

Can anyone reccomend a company to assist me with chairs for the ceremony and decorations for the isle? 

Can anyone recommend a wedding photographer that takes nice natural shots, I don't like all the posed ones :) 

Finally I need to find a company that can offer transport between venues for my guests and I. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer me!



  • Hi there

    Congratulations! We are getting married in Satorini next year too. I have done the same as you i have booked a wedding planner to book the ceremony and organise the legal side of things and hoping to do the rest myself. I spoke with my wedding planner about transport for guests he quoted me 350 euros for one way but I haven't looked into it further yet. I have booked Eva Rendl I am planning to take decorations over with me and luckily one of our guests is an event planner so she is going to decorate the venue for me. Let me know if I can help with anything else :) 

  • Cat29Cat29 Posts: 3

    Oh amazing, congratulations! What kind of decorations are you taking with you?

  • Cat29Cat29 Posts: 3

    Just had a look at your photographer, gorgeous :) is she expensive?


  • CareneCarene Posts: 21

    Try Marryme in Greece They have very logical prices 

    email [email protected] 

  • MrsAxMrsAx Posts: 45

    I am getting married in santorini in May and have a wedding planner. 

    I have 2 mini buses which will collect my guests from their hotels and drop them to the ceremony which is costing me 230e. Google santorini minibus and email a few to get quotes. I have 44 guests and needed 2 mini buses as they are staying on two different sides of the island 

  • Cat29 wrote (see post):

    Just had a look at your photographer, gorgeous :) is she expensive?




    Sorry for such a late reply. I am taking shabby chic bits and pieces over with me candles etc. I also got a very reasonable price from for transfers. 

    Eva charges:

    300eur 1 hour

    450 eur 2 hours

    600eur 3 hours 

    750 eur 4 hours 

    900 eur 5 hours 

    1050eur 6 hours 

    1200 eur 7 hours 

    1350eur for 8 hours 




  • Bride2016Bride2016 Posts: 49

    What planners are everyone using?

  • Cynthia8Cynthia8 Posts: 12

    Hi all


    We are also hoping to get married in Santorini next year (2018). I am still waiting to hear from my guests but if we need to we will just get married there anyway, just the two of us.

    Could you recommend wedding planners - I need some assistance with the paperwork.


    Thanks xxx

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Cynthia8 Hi Cynthia, Congratulations.

    If depends on your budget for a planner I guess! We are using Nikos at Santorini Wedding and he has been very helpful so far but have heard great things about other planners on the island including who were out of our budget. xx

  • Hi Cat, I can recommend you many great wedding planner from Santorini, some of those are:

    - Divine Weddings

    -Stella and Moscha

    -Aegean Dream Weddings

    -Santorini Bliss Weddings

    -Gold Weddings

    -Poema Weddings

    About photography if you still search I charge for Santorni:

    1 hour 150

    2 hours 250

    4 hours 350

    5 hours 500

    7 hours 650

    8 hours 850

    10 hours 1000

    And we have a great offer now in Wedding Stories if you will book both photo and video from we give free drone and free next day and the price for 10 hours photo 10 hours video only 1850 (this price include already 24%vat and nothing will be extra).

    If you are interesting our email is [email protected]

    With kind regards,

    Ben from Wedding Stories Photography | Cinematography

  • Hi Cat,


    I am also getting married at St Irene Chapel and Pyrgos restaurant in September, I am the same as Gill and have booked through Nikos Santorini weddings, Maybe give him a email and see if he can do anything for you?


    Kirsty xx


  • Chels xChels x Posts: 17


    We have booked a wedding coordinator for the day so we can organise everything our self, she has helped out with lots of things and we haven't paid much.

    For flowers/decoration/rentals the following 2 companies are amazing and Bettys Flowers are great for flowers also:

    We ended up booking Vangelis who I adore, I also looked at Nathan Wyatt whose shots seemed to be very natural. They are not cheap but for us this is one thing we wanted to spend money on as we love photos. There are many photographers on the island so you won't struggle to find the perfect one :)

    We are using Ever After Days Transfers, best quote we received (80 euros for 24 people for 20 min drive), we read recommendations from other brides and they were really quick to get back to us.



  •  Hi i am George Stavropoulos,

    i am working at Santorini, and all over Greek Islands as a wedding dj, lighting Company. 

    If you have not booked a wedding dj, lighting, sound and effect company we are at your disposal

    If you have the time to take a look to our job there is a link below.

    If you need more details about venue etc, i will be more than happy to help anyway i can!

    at : [email protected]

    If you wish to find a planer i can suggest wedding in Greece (John Pasaris owner) is the man for everything you need!

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