How did you choose your wedding date ??

I am booking my wedding in Zante for August 2018 and my planner is pushing me for a date but I don't have any dates that are significant to me so I was wondering how people chose their actual date ?

I have chosen my hair and makeup ladies and my photographer and they have given me the dates they cant do in August, so this has given me a little help in narrowing it down. I have also checked if any of my guests cant make certain dates and they all said they were free anytime.

The only other thing I wanted to take into consideration was flight costs on different days, I cant check for August 2018 as the flights haven't been released yet but I really want to get the wedding date booked in the next few weeks. 

Did anyone else take flight costs into consideration or should I just close my eyes and point on the calendar ?? lol



  • You've already chosen your month so that's half the battle! Really I would think what day of the week is going to be easiest for those who work... if its no more expensive for your wedding package at weekends then maybe go for a saturday but if weekends are more pricey then I'd go for a friday personally as then people can just make a long weekend of it and only have to take 1 day off work x

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    I don't think you need a special or significant date. The date becomes special after your wedding.

    We are getting married in Italy, we ruled out July and August as it will be to hot, (Zante is going to be incredibly hot in August). We then narrowed it down to first 2 weeks in June or mid September onward. When we did our recci it swung June as we visited in August and everething was faded because of the sun and the fields had been tilled ready for the next year. June 2nd is public holiday in Italy and most officials take the Saturday off so that left June 10th.

  • I am only looking at August because it needs to be in the school holidays as we cant take our children out of school and we have guests with children who are in the same situation.

    Its going to be scorching I know, we will be melting at the alter !

  • LittleOne89LittleOne89 Posts: 388 New bride

    Mine is a bit different as it's UK but I just plumped for the late May bank holiday because the weather is usually pretty good then and being a bank holiday means we don't take up everyones complete weekend

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Michelle269, we have also plumped for a 4pm wedding as I didn't want to be sweating in my dress or the groom in his suit. This could be a good option for you so that you will be a bit cooler.

    We didn't even consider the cost of flights and accommodation as our party is so small (11 plus us) we have paid for everyone's, but August is going to be expensive, so maybe put a note on the back of your save the dates when the cheap flights go on sale.

  • Victoria197

    Yeah I agree about 4 o clock is the time I was hoping to have the ceremony.

    Do you know when the flights are released ?

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Personally if I was getting married in August 2018 I would choose the 18th just because I like how the numbers fall when written, 18.8.18! But I'm funny like that!

  • HelenNHelenN Posts: 131 New bride

    We originally wanted the 27th July 2018 as it's the day he bought my engagement ring and then he propsed on the 27th Sep. And we wanted a friday because it's cheaper lol!

    But July was completely booked up apart from Friday 13th. We did think about booking it for a laugh... (!!!) but then after looking at honeymoon prices, we decided on May because it was about £700 cheaper to go away then!

    My birthday is in May, so we decided to book Friday 11th and then I could have my birthday (19th) in Mexico on my honeymoon. Plus, my 'life plan' from being little was to be married before I turned 30 😂

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I chose mine because of the way the numbers go... 1.7.17 - so I'd agree with Tanya and go for 18.8.18! That's if you are going for a Saturday,

  • I have the same date as Jenni, but actually chose the date because it's a Saturday in the middle of a two-week school holiday in Australia (had been hoping Mr P's sister would come back for the wedding). So literally no signicance for us. Victoria is right, you don't need a special date, it will just become special.

    I love the heat so would be very pleased to be in Zante in August.

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    Mine was the Thursday before half term (I'm a teacher) so we could use half term for a minimoon. We chose off peak as it was cheaper, no sentimentality at all!

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993
    Jenni8 wrote (see post):

    I chose mine because of the way the numbers go... 1.7.17 - so I'd agree with Tanya and go for 18.8.18! That's if you are going for a Saturday,

    I'm supremely jealous of your wedding date Jenni and Mrs P! But couldnt have my wedding in school term time especially as our reception is in school, I'd have been surrounded by my pupils and didn't fancy that!

  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    I got married in Italy in August at 1pm - don't worry about the heat you won't notice!! 

    When we were trying to decide on a date we looked at the days of the flights and tried to pick a date around the easy jet flights so people would have the option of coming for 4 days later.  It didn't work like that though as the venue only had one suitable date in the end so we just had to go with what we were given! 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    H2b wanted december for some reason, so we checked available dec dates and then chose 17th because that is the weekend marking the start of his christmas holidays, so he wouldnt have to go back to work after the wedding straight away.

    He cant choose his holidays, they all get them over christmas, easter and the summer.

    We did originally book for april, we chose april because I love spring, then the date was just what was available.

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    Flights are usually released 11 months to the day. Long haul ones anyway so assume it's the same principle. 

    Date... we just picked the first that wasn't in school holidays to avoid kids on the honeymoon!!!! (2nd Sept) It technically is in the holidays as it's last weekend of the holidays but it means our honeymoon isn't in it. 

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    We booked our date based on it being one of the cheaper days in our venue's calendar. November to March are classed as low season, April and October slightly more expensive, May and September even more expensive and June to August most expensive of all. 

    We went with March as we thought we might be lucky with the spring weather. Again we looked at days based on availability (all weekends and Fridays had been booked). Mon - Wed was the cheapest and Thursday a little more expensive so we went with a Thursday to give people a long weekend if they wanted it. 

    D wouldn't have a wedding during the Cheltenham racing week (this week) so it had to be either side of it. We went later in the month and ended up with 23/03/17. Wow...didn't realise how much planning went into that!

  • K8-30K8-30 Posts: 13

    We would like a spring wedding and looked at March/April. March was cheaper than April as its classed as low season so we went with that.

    We've gone for 30/03/19, but have just realised it will be during lent, meaning there are restrictions as to how we can dress the church 😔 The vicar said we can't have flowers or any decorations of any sort. They also cover the statues/cruisifix' with cloth!

    Has anyone else experienced this? 

  • Libby13Libby13 Posts: 244 New bride

    Always wanted a summer wedding as we want the highest chances of sunshine and we also don't want it to get dark early or be cold so easily settled on August. Always wanted a Saturday. Our venue only had 4th or 25th Saturdays left for 2018 (even though we booked 2 years in advance). Most people would have gone for the 25th as it was bank holiday weekend but the lady who runs our venue told us in her experience the traffic is very bad on bank holidays, our venue is near a main road and it is very loud and busy on bank hols. I also worried about our guests who are travelling 4+ hours getting stuck in traffic. Then lastly I am superstitious and feel that we always have bad weather on bank holiday weekends (ridiculous i know and totally unpredictable) so 4th it was! 

  • Wanted something near our 4th anniversary but our actual anniversary was too close to Christmas so went for the Saturday they had available in October as it was much cheaper.

  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 707 New bride

    We had to wait until after this July because H2B's best man was going to be deployment until then. We then wanted to avoid peak summer holidays for flight costs and wanted to avoid July because it's our family's big birthday month etc.

    Ended up deciding we wanted September off the back of all that to keep the best hope of decent weather.

    The actual date was a little arbitrary within the month, H2B was set against weekdays as he felt it was too big an imposition on our guests. First week was still possibly school holidays so we were looking at the middle weeks tomtom's being back from Honeymoon in time for my mum's 70th birthday (we get back the day before!).

    Settled on the 16th as preferred and then it was down to venue availability which confirmed it.

    Turns out I accidentally chose what would have been my cousin's 10th anniversary if she hadn't got divorced... Oops.

  • mrspea2bemrspea2be Posts: 275 New bride

    We choose the day we met as our wedding date 19th of August. we joked as last year was a leap year id ask him if he didn't as the following year it was a Saturday  ha ha and I wasn't waiting another how many years  . I thought it would be romantic getting married on the day we met . 

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    EasyJet release in batches at the end of March they release October to February 2018. You will need to keep an eye on the website for expected release dates. 

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    We choose our babys' birthday as our wedding date!We couldn't choose a more important day for our wedding!!

  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445 New bride

    We randomly picked a date in July based on a game of rock, paper, scissors 😂.  We knew we wanted a July wedding and it had to be during school half-time as hubby is a teacher. So we ended up with 15.07.2017 which has no significance what so ever. It's like what the ladies said, your wedding date will be special to you. 

  • We also accidentally ended up with a fun date numbers wise... 07/07/17... I'm hoping it's going to prove impossible to forget being 07/07... h2b will be in trouble if he forgets anniversary date with that one haha! x

  • Hullass1972Hullass1972 Posts: 606 New bride

    We are both big rugby league fans as were the majority of our guests, so we needed a date that would suit all teams and guarantee no games clashing. Easter weekend is the one weekend when everyone plays Thu/Fri and then Mon so we knew Saturday, 4th April 2015 was a winner as there would be no rugby whatsoever.

    It also happened to be hubby's 40th birthday. Winner! 

  • Rosegold017Rosegold017 Posts: 476

    We chose April because we loved the idea of a Spring wedding. Also, we don't really have any big celebrations in Spring. H2B's birthday is the height of summer and mine is in Winter, so it's nice to have a special date to celebrate earlier in the year. We didn't mind what date but as it happens, we went with the 28th as it is a Friday and was available - and it is attached to a bank holiday weekend!

  • AureaAurea Posts: 46

    We chose Sunday, September 17th 2017 as it will be our five year anniversary. We wouldn't have minded a Saturday as well but our venue has a contract for something on Saturdays so that's not possible. However, 17/09/17 sounds really nice and has a meaning to us which is always a nice touch

  • MrsC2018MrsC2018 Posts: 191 New bride

    We wanted a Summer 2018 wedding and preferred August as we have other events going on in June/July and a friend's wedding in September.

    When I saw one of the dates was 18 08 18, I just had to have it. So that's our date!

  • MrsCarnegieMrsCarnegie Posts: 516 New bride

    We're getting married in October 2017. We chose it because H2B said work wasn't as busy then (he's a head chef), and we wanted a weekday, for budget purposes. So we chose one of the few dates available at the registry office, during the half term week :-)


    Ours is 24.10.17 ♥

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