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I'm new on here :) Ive just got engaged and we are thinking of getting married in Santorini May or September next year 2018,  so excited!!  Just wondering how you can book a venue without knowing how many guests will be prepared to come?  It worries me booking a date and venue and either not having enough people to fill it or having too many.     Am assuming you pay the deposit on booking the date and so you would need the date before  sending out the "Save the Date" if you know what I mean.  Any help on this would be appreciated x



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    Hi Christine73


    Do you have a rough idea of numbers? The best place to start is with your budget which will allow you to see how many people you may be able to afford, as a meal/drinks package per head will be around 120Euros, some may be higher or lower than this depending on the venue you choose.

    I would also recommend narrowing down a date pretty quickly, as dates will now be filling up for 2018. 

    Can you speak to your potential guests and narrow down how many might make the journey with you? 

    You would need your date before sending out save the dates/invites but you could give your guests an idea of dates before confirming. 


  • Thanks that sounds like a good idea, I do  need to get a budget sorted,  hard to know what everything is going to cost especially in a different country x

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    It depends which venues you are considering, for example Rocabella and La Maltese are big budget venues, however you can have an affordable meal and open bar for 25-30 people for around 4000 euros at dana villas/Pyrgos/theros wave bar.  

    It completely depends on your numbers and budget and what type of venues you like! x

  • I think we will have in the region of 50 - 60 hopefully.  Really like the look of Theros wave more relaxed style -  just wish we had all the money now  and Id feel more confident in getting things booked x

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    I would contact them, you can get married on the beach and it looks lovely.

    If you know you have 50 guests ish, work to that and get a date reserved asap, that will then allow you to firm up meal numbers next year a few months before the big day! 

    Hope that helps x

  • Dear Christine73

    You can book a venue, for example to book the date, and after to speak with them about the number of the guests. Some venues have maximum number of guests and some are bigger, the most of those have caldera view and there are 2-3 from the other side of the island. Here are all the great venues I know as photographer:

    Santorini Gem


    Venetsanos Winery

    Oceanids beach venue



    Santa Irini venue

    Aenaon Suites (the most beautiful place in Santorini and maybe in Greece)

    LaMaltese Imerovigli


    <cite class="_Rm"></cite>


    Dana Villas

    Fanari Villas in Oia

    All those venues made weddings and there are in top level, some of them have limit in music and in number of guests. Please feel free to ask me any other detail you may want in our email [email protected]

    With kind regards,

    Ben from Wedding Stories Photography | Cinematography





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    We are planning to invite 25-30 guests and am about to choose either Santorini Gem or Le ciel venue.But the point is, would these venues look too big?

  • Hi congratulations for your upcoming wedding,


     You should contact them and talk about the estimated nnumber of guests, i believe you will not have problem with the date since most of them have done weddings with 20-30 guests!


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