PisaMover shuttle

Hi guys... for all those Tuscany brides with guests who dont want to hire a car this is a great new service at Pisa airport...




The PisaMover takes 5 mins to get you from the airport to Pisa Central station, and only costs €2.70 each way! x


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    We use this quite a lot, as we always fly into Pisa, it's a great service.

    Trains are really easy to use and you can buy tickets from machines the same as the UK. If you or your guests have never used a train in Italy you must validate your ticket on the platform before boarding. There are loads of egg shaped machines in the trenitalia colours and you just stick your ticket in and it stamps it. Most trains have an inspector and you will be fined and it's quite hefty being a tourist will not be accepted as an excuse. We included this in the details cards.

    Depending on where you are getting married there are also coaches that go direct to Florence and Siena and are really cheap and tickets can be brought from the desk in the airport.

    Finally if you are hiring a car and your hire company office is in the car park and not the terminal, don't wait for the free bus. It runs every 15/20 minutes, but you are on it for 2 minutes if you do get on it first time as its literally a 5 minute walk. Turn right out of the terminal and walk to the end and pick up the road that takes you round slightly to the left then first right, but it is signposted.


  • Thanks for the info about trains... we purchased our tickets in advance last time before travelling so didn't do anything with egg shaped machines haha! I'll pop that info on the wedding website :)

    We are in Viareggio its literally 15mins on the train for us from Pisa so it'll be really easy now teres the PisaMover! 

    The PisaMover is a new service just launched on March 18th? It wasn't there at all when we've been out any of the 3 times over the past year or so but they did have a shuttle bus service instead which you've provs been using?... I think they had something similar in the past but have been updating the service for agesssss? I just hired a car each time... completely agree r/e the car park for car hire... also its the WORST car hire room with long queues and such a mission I found each time we were there! 


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