What do you focus on when choosing your wedding photographer?

So, choosing a wedding photographer (or any vendors for that matter) when you are having a destination wedding can be tricky. You mostly have to trust their website, your planner and your gut...

What would oyu focus on when choosing your photographer?

Is it important to know them before hand? Via skype or in person if possible?

Would you like to have a written "article" about your love story? 

Thanks in advance for your responses ;)


  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I know mine pretty well as she lives in my village i have been going round for coffee and chats while paying off the bill.  I trust her she is a lrofessional and she knows what we want.  


    I suggest you have face to face contact and time to discuss your needs.  

  • I would say face to face meeting is essential (or over skype at least) - pre-wedding photoshoot is great help if it's possible, just to try everything out fist and experience it how he/she suits you and makes your comfortable, as it's a lot about that chemistry and how you get along with certain people. 

    As for article - from the view of photographer - I always try to learn a lot about my clients to understand their privacy needs and go from that. It your story is published on some 3rd site wedding blogs they would usually send you a list of questions for you to fill out for their feature, so it would be up to you how much you'd like to share. But for photographer privacy of the clients should be the first thing to discuss and have the detailed conditions in the wedding agreement. 

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