TransferWise free transfer referral- save money for payments abroad

Hiya ladies (and gents!)

I've been using TransferWise to transfer money abroad to all of our suppliers to pay things for our wedding and thought I'd let you all know in case you haven't heard of it before XD

It's literally saved my life haha!! The banks had shite exchange rates and were charging huge fees for us to pay suppliers in italy and I was about to have a mental breakdown then discovered this site! They charge next to nothing for foreign transfer (e.g. I sent around €1400 and they charged just £6 instead of the £40 the bank wanted to charge anddd it was on a better exchange rate :) ) Really easy to use too and so quick, normally money arrives into the foreign account the very next day!

So yeahhh in case you haven't already heard of it I though I would share and also if you want to try it out you get the first transfer free if you sign up through this link:


Hope that helps someone save some money... know weddings are expensive enough as it is XD



  • Mrs B2b3Mrs B2b3 Posts: 255

    Who the hell would be stupid enough??????

  • What do you mean? :S 

  • Second this! My clients love it! xx

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    We are fortunate that our account gives us a good exchange rate and only charges us £10. I know that some accounts charge 10% of what you are transferring but they appear totally legit and are FCA registered. Everything is paid for now bar the cash on the day suppliers but thanks for sharing

  • Mrs B2b3Mrs B2b3 Posts: 255
    Italy Bride 2017 wrote (see post):

    What do you mean? :S 

    My bank charges £9 and it's free if you send in sterling.

  • Oh right well most banks you aren't so fortunate... me, mum, Nan and a bridesmaid are all with diff banks and their fees were horrendous so I just thought I'd share a way of making it cheaper... transferwise would still work out cheaper as the most I've paid for a transaction was £6 and that was a huge amount but if you don't need the info that's fine I was just trying to be helpful!!! 

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