Vegas mens suits

Hi we are getting married in las Vegas and need 9 suits ( with 2 kids aged 2&3 and 4 large men).

I'm also having a party back in the UK so will need 11 suits for that.

I don't really want to spend at least approximately €900 in Vegas to hire (If say €100 each) and another £1100 in the UK to hire. Any suggestions?

Would it be cheeky to ask everyone to wear their own suit a certain colour? Grey or navy blue to go with blush-champagne wedding? If inexpensive I could buy champagne coloured cravats, pocket squares, waist coats maybe to go with their own suites to bring it all together? Any suggestions where from?

Thank you xx


  • You can ask people to wear their own suits, but if they don't have a suit in the colour you want it is cheeky to expect them to buy one, so I think you need a back up plan in case people don't have the right colour suit.

    If you want them to be in your wedding party, and you've chosen to get married in Vegas, then you need to factor in their outfits - is my opinion anyway. I imagine you would be buying the bridesmaids dresses? In which case you should buy the suits / be expecting to pay to hire suits twice if you want to have 2 parties.

    Or you need to have made it clear when asking them to be part of the wedding party that they will need to provide their own suit - then they can factor in whether they have the right suit vs the cost of buying one before they accept your offer.

    Hope that makes sense.


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