Destination Brides - Are you having a UK hair trial?

Hi, I am getting married outside Siena in Tuscany and have a Hair and MUA booked, there work is really good and I am confident that I will have great hair, but I don't know whether to have a UK hair trial as they are based in Florence and I wont be able to get one done when I get there


  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride

    Hi Victoria197, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted (a very vintage style) and went for a trial here in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. I liked the style, but felt very self-conscious and uncomfortable with it. I am so pleased I went, because I know that I don't want to feel that way on my wedding day and have had time to find some other style.

    I have a trial booked with my wedding hair stylist and MUA when I arrive in Dubrovnik too though... could you manage a wee day trip to Florence from where you are staying? Otherwise I would definitely say have a trial here first! x

  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    I got married in Italy last summer and I sort of had a hair trial in the UK before I went. I found that all the photos I was looking at only showed the back of the hair and I wanted to know what it looked like from the front so I was having my hair done for a colleagues wedding with my usual hairdresser and asked her to style my hair in the front so I knew what it would look like but do the back differently so it wasn't the same! I had those photos of my hair from the front to show the Italian hairdresser what I wanted.  

    Too be honest I probably wouldn't have had one if I wasn't already having my hair up for a wedding as I also had one in Italy before the day. As your not having a trial in Italy it may be worth having one just to get an idea of what it looks like on you if it's something unusual or very different to how you would usually wear your hair.  

    One thing I would be weary about though is that, depending on the style you want, the Italian hairdresser probably won't get it exactly the same as the UK hairdresser as everyone has different styles so you don't want to end up disappointed or stressed on the wedding day if you prefer the way the UK hairdresser did it and she can't get it the same.

  • AaAa Posts: 38

    I'm doing a trial with the stylist in Dubrovnik when we go over to finalise things 6 weeks pre-wedding. i figured it made most sense to do that!

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    We don't have the scope to go out, work has gone manic and we were hoping to do a pre-wedding visit, but as everything has gone so smoothly we felt that we didn't need to. 

    I think that I will book one, it doesn't hurt and Emma681 makes a good point, what I like may not necessarily suit me and at least I have an idea of what I should go with.

    Thanks for the replies

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