Italy wedding on a budget

We sre considering getting married in Italy and want to start planning but would like to do most of this ourselves. We have seen that many of the wedding planners in Italy cost thousands and really just put us in touch with the services such as photographers, venues, caterers and florists.
Has anyone had experience of arranging an Italian wedding direct and are there any tips that you can offer

For instance this venue; which is rated consistently excellent on-line are offering to put us in touch with all the contacts we need, arrange tenders for each of them and let us choose. The wedding venue is the at the medieval comune of Sarnano, a town in Le Marcheimage that is listed amongst Italy's most beautiful and only costs €150. It seems that the cost of a wedding for 25 guests will cost under €4000 for aperitivis, a banquet, flowers, cake, the flowers and the ceremony. Accommodation for 25 is less than €20 a head for a weeks stay. They have offered to put us in touch with previous couples who married there to find out more.

Please let me know what you think of these costs or whether anyone has any other options of places to combine honeymoon and wedding on a budget. Thanks


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    If it's in your budget then go for it, ours is costing £16k for 13. Aperitive is just canapés and a drink and £500 for 25 people sounds too good to be true. 

    The wedding planner I am using isn't costing thousands and her services have been fantastic including driving to Florence to find fabric for our table runner. 

  • They say that costs are kept low because none of the services are marked up. They just put us in touch directly with the florists, photographers and caterers, we make the choice and sign up. The banquet including wine is €70 a head.

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    As an Italian, I can give you my opinions:

    the location you chose seems good (I watched some reviews), both as a place to get married and for the budget you provided. Try to check exactly the cost of the catering, in particular if the location you chose has a kitchen and some personnel (waiters, etc.) or if they really have to bring everything from out of the location. This is much more expensive. The cost of flowers depends on which flowers you chose, it is difficult to judge. The Marche are wonderful, they have nice medioeval towns, good food, the sea, etc. They are a good choice, in Italy they are considered comparable to Tuscany and Umbria. I would say that the cost of 4.000 for 25 people is credible, at least it is not impossible to find that price for similar locations I know

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    This location is very close to San Marino and to the Rimini riviera, so again, it seems a very good choice if you like to see the old towns or to go the beach. Rimini is nice for its nightlife, not so much for the sea (I mean do not expect it to be like in Formentera or Sardinia...)

    My best wishes for your marriage

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