Abroad and U.K. Wedding?

I always wanted to get married abroad but my partner wanted a UK wedding with family. I accepted the UK wedding and we are getting married December 17 in U.K. We are going on holiday in summer and it's come up as a thought to get married( have a blessing) abroad whilst over there. I've had some quotes and whilst it wouldn't be legal and we could still go ahead with the UK wedding, we would have the whole ceremony and meal etc whilst over there.


my partner isn't highly keen on the idea as it's a 'fake' wedding, but my reasons for wanting it is beach wedding (photos,memories) and a gorgeous ceremony/commitment before of legal UK wedding. There would only be me my partner, two children's and my sister, husband and her kids Abroad.

we can personalise our cereomoy as we like fornwedding abroad. now I don't know what to do! 


Has anyone done thos and any feedback?


  • we are planning on something similar but mostly because I'm scottish and my fiancé is French so we are having the actual wedding in Scotland then heading to France the following weekend for a celebration.  Initially we thought it would only be the French family that would come to the France celebration but loads of my Scottish family want to be a part of that one too and think it's a great idea.  

    We are thinking of having a hand tying ceremony at the French one, as it's an old Scottish tradition and thought it would be nice as we will be getting married in a church in Scotland so no need for a blessing or anything.  


    what you are planning sounds lovely and it's your special day so do whatever makes you happy.  

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