Lake Como - wedding cake supplier? Millefogle/ Mille-feuille cake

We're looking for a wedding cake supplier, perhaps somewhere between Bellagio and Como town.

We want to have the traditional Italian wedding cake which is the millefogle (mille-feuille).  Does anyone know what lead time is needed for booking?  

I've also read it either needs to be made 2 hours before eating, or they create it on-site.  Does anyone know any more details, had any experience if how it works? 



  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Your caterer will normally supply thi if you ask. The cake is not cake, a simple explanation is that it is thin layers of pastry filled with cream and topped with cream and fruit which is why it's assembled at the last minute so you don't get soggy pastry.

  • J12J12 Posts: 11

    Thx Victoria.  Unfortunately the caterer (it's the restaurant of the small hotel/villa property) doesn't do this type of cake so will need to be brought in.  Seen so many lovely photos on the internet, they look rather yummy!

  • Antonio3Antonio3 Posts: 4

    I know a good one but I don't know the prices and it is very likely to be an expensive one...

  • Hello,

    Millefoglie is super yummy! And a nice traditional touch too :) 

    It is quite odd that the restaurant doesn't have a local contact that would be able to do this for you, especially as I am sure that that there are local pasticcerie (patisseries) that would be able to accommodate your request.

    Perhaps ask your hotel if they have a recommendation of a good pasticceria locally? This is likely to be the least expensive option.

    I don't have a specific recommendation for a pasticceria in that area- but from a quick Google, perhaps you can write to these guys who don't just do bread:

    If they say they can't do it then they may know someone who does. It's such a common request for Italian weddings and celebrations that I am sure you can easily find someone. Good luck!

    Best wishes,

    Catherine x



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