Getting married just us and our children

has anyone or is anyone planning on a wedding just the two of you and your children? Our boys are currently 4 and 1 so would be 5 & 2 next year when we are thinking of getting married. Due to family issues we would love for it to just be the 4 of us however I'm just worried about things like getting ready and during the ceremony.


has as anyone got any advice on this? 


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    Yes I am - in July this year - just me, H2B & our two year old little girl with two of our closest friends as witnesses in a lovely registry office in a town near us - then out in the evening for dinner to a lovely pub in the area (without our little one)....then off for a lovely two week holiday the week after - just us three & we can't wait :) Our daughter is going to be my bridesmaid & she has her dress already - everything is going to be very low key & easy going.

    We have chosen this as our day as we have both been married before & also budgets wont allow for another big wedding plus the fact that we simply can't justify the expense - also because we have lots of family who live overseas & also the usual issues with divorced parents, siblings & step siblings not getting on etc - doing it this way has caused a few unnecessary comments to be made but we are not budging on our plans...

    My friend who will be one of the witnesses is going to be with me the night before & I am very lucky that my hairdresser who will be doing my hair will be there all morning too to help me - not that I am going all out so to speak, but I know she will keep me on the straight & narrow & help if needed. My dress is from a bridal collection but easy to wear and put on so that takes the stress out of that part. Could you maybe do the same and have two close friends (maybe a couple) as witnesses so that way you could have the support before & during the ceremony?

    I'd say go for it - you will be just fine & have a lovely day I'm sure - it sounds perfect :)




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    I think thats very romantic and what a lovely time for you and your family.  You could maybe spoil the kids with thier own special outfits and gifts and having no guests means no hassles .


    I have to mention i was not invited to my nephews wedding a few years ago he took his friends to new york to wed and didnt even take his parents, it hurt the family alot but we had to accept his decision.   He is still invited to mine with open arms:)!  

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    We had a small wedding too.I hate big weddings where most guests are complete strangers 

  • This is what I'm looking at doing. I've been married twice before and my H2B doesn't want a huge wedding so I've suggested it be just us and our children, we have 8 between us so really can't justify the expense of a full on wedding! We've only just decided on doing it so haven't got a clue where to start but so excited! 

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