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how do wedding planners work when getting married abroad? I've spent the past week searching for our perfect venue in France (somewhere that I don't have to exclusively hire so that guests have the option of booking accomodation within their own budget) 

i cant find anything so I'm thinking  of getting a wedding planner to do the leg work. However my OH (haven't got quite used to calling him H2B) wants me to price up a few different options (different countries ie Beach resort, U.K. As well as the French option) 

what happens if I decide not to go with the options that they have provided? Do I still pay them? And how do they work out the cost of that service alone? 


Or?? Does anyone know of a venue in France that I don't have to hire out exclusively? That's under £5000 


  • Did you get anywhere? I am also in the same boat

  • Hello,

    If you need any advice for your wedding in Paris and Normandy, we are here to help you ! 
    Our role as a wedding planner is to make everything fit in your budget, and not having to stress about the details abroad. 

    Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

    Happy to help
    Marion and Amina
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