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Hi, I'm wondering get if anyone can help...we're getting married in Cyprus at 12.30 and wanted a BBQ on the beach afterwards, however they can't do this until 6.30. We have young children attending and I suggested this was a long time to wait so the alternative is we eat in the restaurant at 3.30 then we can have a buffet at 10pm which again I think is a long time for children to wait. Has anyone done similar timings to either of these options and have any feedback for me? Trying to figure out what is best to do! Also when the speeches would take place if at all? Thanks in advance!


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    I'm not getting married abroad, but looking at this from a general weddings perspective I agree the first option won't work! A 12.30 wedding means nobody will have had lunch so you can't wait until 6.30 to feed people. Never mind the children, the adults will be starving! Can you eat around 3.30 as suggested and then bring the evening food forwards to 9? That's a fairly standard wedding set up. You seem mostly concerned about the kids- how young are they? Chances are they won't be up at 10pm anyway if they are young?

    Do you have any canapes etc for people to eat before the food at 3.30 as well?

  • Hi Vicky.

    I am a wedding photographer/videographer here in Cyprus and have filmed hundreds of weddings over the years. 

    There is no usual way as every wedding is different but on the odd occasion that I have worked at a wedding where the ceremony was at midday or thereabouts, the hotel has supplied canapes so when you cut the cake and have the champagne toast following the ceremony, you can have a bite to eat then - and some cake! I have also been to more than one wedding where the children had mini burgers and nuggets while the adults had cocktails. So there are options for you (depending on how helpful the hotel is). Remember, it will be lunchtime so no problem rustling up some food for the little ones.  This would go some way to getting you through until 6.30?  I agree 10.30 is a long time to wait for food (not to mention a bit late!!)

    With regard to speeches, they are normally done just before/after your meal. We usually recommend  before, because

    a) you get them out of the way so that the speech makers can relax and enjoy their food, and not be fretting through dinner and

    b) If you are having your wedding speeches filmed or photographed, the table will look much nicer before you eat. Afterwards it tends to look like a bomb site!  If you have paid to have favours/table decorations on the tables, it makes sense to have them pictured looking fresh and neat.

    However, it is not unknown to have speeches following your cake cutting. This works if you are having cocktails/canapes and in a private place with chairs/tables, rather than standing around you at your wedding venue.

    Good luck!

    If I can help at all, let me know.

    Brenda x

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    Thank you for your responses, the children are fairly young, most of them under 4 so it's far too long for them to wait! I will try again with the hotel and see if we can maybe get snacks at 3ish for everyone to keep them going until 6.30 as I can imagine most people (especially those with children) will want to be back at hotel booking around 10 I should imagine! I wish we had now booked the wedding for 4.30 as it would have probably made everything easier, might even see if that's an option! Thank you again, and Brenda aisle it possible to have your details for processing for photography please? 

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    We aren't getting married in Cyprus but we are getting married abroad. Our ceremony is at 4pm which seems to have avoided any of the problem you are having and also avoids the hottest part of the day. Is that an option / something you would consider? x

  • Hi Vicky. No problem at all honey. Hope I have helped a bit.  I will send you a pm. x

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