can anyone recommend a wedding planner in Umbria or tuscany

hi can anyone recommend and wedding planner in Umbria please i have my venue and florist and food and drinks all sosrted i just need someone to help me do the paper work and help find me a wedding car and band so not much so hopefully wont be to expensive


Thanks in advance


  • UmbriaUmbria Posts: 3

    Hi, we are planning to get married in Umbria too - who are you using for your florist? Thanks

  • katy91katy91 Posts: 6

    I dont no the name of the florist actualy yet as were due to go out and meet her in two weeks the venue have arranged this for me as they have used her many times so comes highly recommended so can let you know in two weeks.


    When are you getting married ? maybe we could help each other recommending things we might come across or vendors we are using that might come in help to each other and saves us both some money xx

  • maika83maika83 Posts: 30

    Hi Katy,


    I know for a fact these girls are super good and Monica the Wedding Planner is english mother tongue so definitely helps a lot!

    Drop them an email,'I'm sure they can help with the suppliers you're missing


    Good luck! xxx 

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