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Sorrento Thomson/Kuoni

I'm looking at booking a wedding at the cloisters through Thomson's, has anyone else booked through them? I want to do it through a travel agent to try and keep it simple. Have an appointment with Kuoni tomorrow to look what they do but not sure if I'd be paying more for the same service I would receive from Thomson.

Hearing some other people's experiences would be great!



  • Lucy290Lucy290 Posts: 1


    I'm getting married at the Cloisters in June :) 

    I did a LOT of research before booking anything, and had a lot of meetings with travel agents, local planners and venues and to be honest, I wouldn't recommend booking with either travel agent, I'd go directly to a venue and book with them. After hearing mixed reviews, we started our wedding planning with Thomson, as like you we wanted to keep things nice and simple. However, we went to a few different branches and everyone we spoke to cared more about the holiday than the actual wedding. I felt like the service we were getting wasn't that great and we wouldn't be able to put any personal touches into our wedding, and Thomson cared more about trying to get us to book the most expensive hotel/flights. They told us, and other brides that I've spoken to, that we legally had to be in Sorrento for 10 nights before the wedding, which isn't true at all!

    I've also visited Sorrento to meet with local planners and while it's a better option than a travel agent, I honestly really don't see the point in booking with one either. We visited around 10 different venues while we were there and almost all of them offered their own wedding planning services but without any of the planner fees that the local planners charge. We've booked with Hotel Mediterraneo who have sorted every single aspect of the planning - from cakes and dj, to legal paperwork, and even though their  packages were already cheaper than the local wedding planners, it also includes accommodation at the hotel so one less thing to pay out for and we were free to book flights with whoever we wanted! They can sort as much or as little as you require. They respond to emails really quickly as we have no middle-man to go through and they'll be there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly just like a normal wedding planner would. The whole process has been so easy and stress free, which is what we originally wanted!



  • maika83maika83 Posts: 30

    Hi Lucy


    i think i wrote this also in a previous thread.

    I'm sorry about your experience with Thomson but honestly like i said  i still don't understand why choosing a Tour Operator over a local Wedding Planner.

    Your experience teaches us the difference between planning a wedding and  travel trip. Two things that are completely different!

    I'm also sorry that about your experience with the local wedding planners....franky a friend had a beautiful wedding in Positano last september and asked for hep to these girls, that to her say are english mother tongue and really gave a great hand on things.



    Good luck xxx



  • kathryn83kathryn83 Posts: 22

    I looked into Thomson also they must try to sting you in my opinion. They insist you book a week before the wedding ceremony and flights with them I think it would work out more expensive. The planners in Sorrento are very helpful.x

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