Hey just wanted some advice as what to write regarding the date on the invitations. 

I am getting married in Cyprus next year but want to give out the invitations asap, but we have 3 dates yet to be confirmed And won't be for another 8-12 weeks. They are either the 20th, 23rd or 24th.  Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. 


  • You could send " Save the Date's' " cards now informing people of all 3 possible dates, saying 'invitation to follow'. And then send the invites in 8-12 weeks with the actual date on them? I can understand with it being a destination wedding you are keen to get the invites sent off ASAP? But your guests are betting off knowing an accurate date surely for booking flights etc, so seems like it would be better to wait until you have the date set in stone?

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Until you have a date you can't send invitations. I would also not bother sending a save the date until you have a confirmed date, you will still be giving guests plenty of notice in 3 months as the earliest they can book flights for some airlines is approximately 9 months before day of the flight

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