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Change of Wedding planner?


I visited Santorini last week and met 2 wedding planners.The one I was happy with,was not available on my wedding date.The other one,seemed very snobbish and am not very satisfied with my choice.I know there are lots of planners but I   only met these two!

Do you consider changing my wedding planner as a good idea?

Or maybe even change my wedding date?


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    Definitely change planner if you're not happy. if you can change your date and be happy with that then do that or if not then speak to others. I was also out there last week and we met nikos sirigos and his partner Anna who were both lovely. 

    what would u be using the planner for? x

  • You want your day to run smooth. And for that, you need to connect with your vendors. If you feel connected and you think you both are a better fit, then there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. After all, the day is about you and you get to choose who to trust your perfect wedding vision.

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    You need a planner that you can work with and who will get you and your vision. If you have time keep looking, set up Skype or face time and have some calls with others we spoke to several before we found ours.


  • Dear Ruby11,

    On your wedding day you need to be happy and not stressed, if you will book a planner that you are not happy with her, or you think that she is even little bit snob that the best choice for you is to change her or to change the date and to book the planner that you are happy.

    I am professional photographer specialized in weddings and my base is in Santorini and I can recommend you mane good planners that they will do the best for you. For example one I work a lot with Divine Weddings, Margarita is the owner and she has 4 different girsl that work for her, every girl is soooo kind, and her father is the owner of Pyrgos restaurant. Some other very very good but expensive is Stella and Moscha, this planne maybe is the best on the island. I work also with some planners that they are not based in Santorini and they work worldwide, one of the best office that I ever work was The Wedding Haven based in Dubai but with great expirience in Santorini.

    If you still looking for a photographer or a videographer take a look some of our work and if you like our style it will be a great honor for us to capture your best day in Santorini:

    [email protected]

    Ben :)


  • Hey Ruby,

    As a planner myself I can definitely say that you need to really be happy with your planner and get along with them- you will be exchanging and lot of emails and trusting them with one of the most important days of your lives!

    As Jasmine says you really need to connect with your vendors, mainly because you aren't planning a business conference but a beautiful and special day.

    I am Italy based but available for travel to select European destinations so feel free to drop me an email if you would like to know more about the kind of services I offer.

    Best wishes,


    [email protected]

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Finding the perfect wedding planner for your wedding is the most important thing while organising a wedding abroad.


    You must feel safe for him/her,that he can solve anything occurs!

    So if your planner does not make you happy better change him/her or date of your wedding.

    Good luck and congrats!

  • ruby11ruby11 Posts: 17

    Thank you all for your replies! I am about to change either date or wedding planner as I get no replies on the day from recent one.It makes me feel really unsafe and that is not helpful for a wedding abroad.


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  • mandeleinemandeleine Posts: 9

    Wedding planning is probably the first service you’ll hire for your wedding.In that way you must feel safe about your decision!If you are not safe,my opinion is to change wedding planning company

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