Struggling to get email responses from my Sorrento venue

Hi, so I'm not getting married until June next year  but we've booked a venue for our wedding in Sorrento. 

Before I paid I was really happy with the communications but since I paid the deposit I've been passed on to a junior member of staff and haven't heard from the planner there since. My emails are not responded to for at least a month each time and with chasing, even simple questions.

I finally wrote an email complaining and sent directly to the planner only for the junior staff to reply a couple of weeks later. 

Im feeling really dejected, as my small wedding of 32 obviously isn't important to them and now I'm stressing that it's going to be hard work all the way through. 

Has anyone experienced this themselves or have any ideas on what I should do? Am I being unreasonable? 


  • The New Mrs WThe New Mrs W Posts: 185

    Which venue is it? We've just spent our honeymoon in Sorrento and Positano and came across some really nice wedding venues too.  You'll have a lovely wedding so please don't worry. The Italians are a lot more laid back and they probably don't see your emails as very important when they have lots of weddings before then. 

    We got married in England last weekend and have to admit that it did sometimes take a while to get a response to emails, but to be honest there's a lot of stuff that doesn't matter until a lot closer to the time and venues have so many weddings to deal with. We found that they became a lot more helpful in the couple of months leading up to the wedding and that's when  you really want them to reply quickly! What stuff do you really need to know now? Maybe write a list and give them a call? 

    Good luck and don't worry

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    I got married in Sorrento last summer and whilst we had a wedding planner through the venue (who was excellent and always on top of emails) we arranged a lot ourselves - hairdressers, transport, flowers, photographer - and they all took ages to reply to emails which is frustrating but just the Italian way!! Everyone is so laid back. Everything came together in the end though. 

    It is also wedding season in sorrento now and as it is such a popular place everyone is so busy with 2017 weddings so (without meaning to offend) your wedding isn't as important to them at the moment, not due to your numbers but probably as they are dealing with around 5 or 6 weddings a week for the next 5 months! 

    As Mrs W says write a list of what questions you want to ask now and if it is urgent either call them or you can email them the list of questions asking them to respond but just accept that, whilst you will get a response, the response won't be instant! Is there an option to WhatsApp? That is how I communicated with my photographer as he openly admitted he is useless with email as they are always photographing weddings and never in the office!! 

    Once your wedding gets closer then I'm sure the communication will improve as they will also need details from you. 

    Which venue have you picked and who is your planner? If you are really not happy then can you think about changing your planner?  

  • Hi, 

    Thanks for your responses. Well the problem is is that the planner is part of the venue. They say you don't really need a planner as they will do everything for you with suppliers and such and you pay in blocks which includes the cost of anyone booked through them. It seemed like the best way but when my one point of contact doesn't reply it means I can't organise anything.

    I booked my own photographer and makeup artist in the end and they've both been great at responding within a week. I just think 5-6 weeks per email is soooo long. 

    Im a bit scared to say the name of the venue because I really don't want to create bad feeling. Its only info for my wedding website but people will be booking flights etc soon so I want all the details in there if that makes sense :) 

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    Which venue is it? I wouldn't worry, I'm getting married in Sorrento in June this year and my venue has only just upped the communication! Italian wedding planning seems to be very laid back and last minute, I've only just booked my photographer and my wedding is in 6 weeks! As others have said, your wedding may not seem that important to them because it's so far away, they probably have a lot more weddings to organise before yours but if I ever had any questions last year I just complied a big list and waited a week or two for their reply :) 

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     We are getting married in Tuscany, and our Italian planner even says that the people that she has worked with in southern Italy are laid back and everything can be last but 5-6 weeks for an email response is a long time, regardless.

    We get married next month and our planner has been brilliant at the beginning when we booked her in August emails were infrequent and sometimes it would take about 10 days for a response but that was because she was waiting on other people. Now we are a month out we have had frequent Skype calls and email almost daily.

    I think you need to call the planner and speak to her direct about expectations on both parties, as they are also going into peak wedding season so this will cause even more delays.

  • Yes I probably do need to give them a call, 4-6 weeks is just too long for me. To be honest i'm

    nearly done asking questions, it was just all the initial info I needed and them I'll leave them be until next year! I'd be totally happy waiting a couple of weeks for a reply, we've been to Sorrento twice and understand they're very chilled :) 

  • leona5leona5 Posts: 4

    Personally, I see no need for games.  I don't know, maybe you need to consider the possibility (however small that might be) that they have email problems (spam filter, one of hundreds of unread emails, mailbox full,  bounced, etc.)?  The recipient, in all probability, is blowing you off, but I think a "gentle push" is the most effective way to solicit a response.
    I would omit any reference to the non-response, and instead would forward the original e-mail along with a short message, "Just following up...[followed by a request to respond when convenient]."

    Keep us updated and good luck :)

  • Hi, I'm getting married in Rome in 2018, using a really good wedding planning agency which respond daily to my emails, always explaining in details everything that I need.

    4/6 weeks per email sound weird... I think that if a venue/an agency/a vendor etc... are very well organized, they should have the chance and the people to respond as fast as possible even during the busiest seasons, because all the customers have their needs and it is important to follow each couple with the same attentiveness.

    Try to solicite a response and to clarify everything, so you will be able to enjoy your wedding organization! You deserve to be relaxed, knowing that they will take care of all exaclty as you want!

    All the best!




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