DJ or String Quartet in Chianti?

Hi all brides and brides to be!

I wonder if any of you are able to offer some help.

My fiance and I are getting married in Italy on June 9th 2018 - VERY EXCITED!!  

We were hoping to get married legally over there, but to keep it simple, we're going to do the paperwork side of things in the UK before we jet off (no guests or anyone we know will be at the UK paper signing).  We're getting married at Villa Vistarenni in Chianti and that is what we're classing as our official wedding.  It's a gorgeous private villa on the hillside and has accommodation for up to 35 people, so we can get everyone under the one roof!

We spoke to a couple of wedding planners, but the cost of their services, despite valuable, was just too much for our budget.  Plus, I'm a project/account manager for a day job so I quite enjoy juggling lots of things and managing the process.  It's just much trickier when handling it from overseas and the Italians tend to have a much more laid back attitude which infuriates me when waiting for email responses.

So far, we've got the following sorted:

- Venue

- Photographer

- Caterer

- Celebrant

- Hair and Make Up (need to pay deposit in June).

What we're really struggling with though is a DJ.  Is anyone able to help?  The manager of our villa suggested someone but I emailed them over a week ago and have heard nothing.  I've tried to source some myself, but not having much luck.  We're toying with the idea of just using an iPad and speakers but we'd love to find someone who can also provide outside lighting and it would just help to create a bit more of an atmosphere I think.  

We'd also thought about having a string suo/quartet for the aperitifs after the ceremony but the quotes I was getting back for a couple of hours was extortionate! Around 2000euro for a couple of hours!  So again, if anyone is able to suggest or recommend someone that would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone would like any info on anything we've planned so far, just let me know!

Thanks, and good luck everyone with the planning! xx


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