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3 weeks to go

Well it's got closer and closer and it wasnt until we realised a couple of days ago it's only 2 weeks until we fly out.

I don't even think I'm ready lol,i dont think I've done anything a bride usually does I haven't even had the usual hen night hahaha, we both ordered custom rings from etsy, mine was too big and the place that made my partners made it way too small lmao,lucky both have been sorted now, although h2b still has no shoes lol

The road here hasn't been without its hiccups, including the possibility of us both being made redundant, my dad and oldest son his gf and little girl have all said they won't be coming, my dad due to health, he wasn't sure, one minute he was then he wasn't then he was, but now he has started coughing up blood so we don't know what's going on there, the drs are trying to do tests, it does make me feel if I shouldn't go ahead, my son originally made out he was coming for around 6 months then said he couldn't afford the flight so that left just me my partner and my 17 yr old son, if he locates his passport in his mess of a room, wedding lunch in McDonald's it will be hahaha will feel pretty stupid all dressed up with a wedding cake at a reception for 3 people 

I wasn't strict enough with my wedding work out hahaha still have my flabby arms and jiggle thighs lol, my job working in a car parts supplier means I'm constantly walking around the warehouse 6 miles a day shifting driveshafts  brake discs and flywheels around and even though I've been wearing gloves my nails are battered, my eyebrows started falling out a while back and I look like an alien, i hate having to try and use powder to make them look anything like normal,they just look so fake I don't want any photos showing them, i tried booking in for microblading but she said was too close to me going somewhere hot and as I can't find out if I have a nickle allergy they refuse to do it as it's too risky, wow I got it all going on pmsl alien bride hehehehe 

I do feel hurt that my son said he can't afford it although I still think his gf has said they won't go but I have to accept that now, i haven't even sorted out what I'm doing with all my animals when we go,

There is now the uncertainty about our jobs again, I just feel like giving up at times, but at least I got a fab beach front villa to go chill on the balcony with a mojito and watch the sunset, just with everything going on it makes you think if you are doing the right thing by going my dad hasn't said anything but as his only child I don't know if he'd have wanted to go or not 



  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    Hi Suze

    I fly on Mon 29th May and I don't feel ready either. Our wedding is 2weeks today. And your post has just reminded me we need to book our cats in at the cattery so thank you. 

    I am sorry your son didn't change his mind. We haven't got everyone we hoped going but I still think that even if it was just us, I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else now. A wedding and holiday all in one with guaranteed weather, no stress or formalities, no-one dictating your day... and cocktails on tap. I am sure you will have an amazing time!! 

    Best of luck and have an amazing wedding/holiday xx

  • Suze3Suze3 Posts: 51

    Hi Mrs c to be 

    Its like the weeks have flown by haven't they, i still have a wooden heart box I'd planned on making into a ring box and keepsake as it has 3 compartments, one for each ring and the other I was going to steal a bit of sand off the beach as a memento, i still haven't even started on that yet hehehehe. 

    I fully get what you mean, some said to us why don't you get married here but I mean neither of us have family both my h2b parents passed away before we met and I only have my dad but being brought up by my late grandparents we don't have a close bond like most father daughters I don't feel, plus the thought of going off into some working man's club after for a drink like majority of my friends did, I'd much rather opt for sun ☀ and get the holiday too like you say.

    Where are you getting married?  Are you going Cyprus too? 

    The lady who owns the villa we booked has been amazing, when I originally seen it, it was booked on the dates we wanted but she messaged me saying it was actually her and hubby going but she cancelled her own time there and lost money on her flights to let us go ad long as I send her a photo of me in my dress, she has gone over there and spoke to various restaurants and asked if they would do us a nice meal for just the 3 of us and they said they would cook anything we wanted, it's as if she got so excited like she was arranging her own wedding which I thought was lovely she even asked if I needed any hairdressers as she has one that comes to the villa, it's so nice when strangers are willing to help so much I may have to send her a bouquet of flowers when we get back to say thanks 

    Glad I manged to remind you about your cats hahaha,my son said he'd look after the animals, but he said that last time and they stayed a night before his gf said the little girl was allergic and didn't settle in a strange house so they went back to her grandads, and I don't think any were fed daily. Can't book mine in as being house cats they aren't vaccinated, my tarantula and snake will be fine as they can go ages without food but my hedgehog and lizards need feeding daily, my exotic shop boards them but it will run into hundreds so unsure what to do but at least I know they will be looked after properly. 


    All the best too for your big day xx

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    We get married 3 weeks today in Italy. I had a meltdown this morning as I feel so unprepared, my daughter and boyfriend are scatty and my mum has Asperger's so not only do I have to organise us but them too, however, there isn't anything else to do except hair and nails right before we go. Luckily h2b is a calming influence.

  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride

    I guess the feeling of being unprepared is typical of all of us destination brides! 

    We got married last week, and it wasn't until we arrived in Dubrovnik that it felt "real". You are probably as organised as you need to be at this stage, and as soon as you are on the way to your destination it will feel like the wedding has sneaked up on you. Savour every moment and enjoy it! x

  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    How lovely of the villa owners Suze that's really nice. We had intended to look at Cyrpus when we first talked about marrying abroad but ended up getting engaged in Santorini and completely fell in love with it. We're having both ceremony and reception at a restaurant there. I have to say as unorganised as I am, I'm also feeling super excited now x

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