Flying with bridesmaid dresses??

Guys, perhaps a silly question but I picked up my bridesmaid dresses today and they didn't come in a dress bag or carrier as I perhaps naively expected! 

Logistically, how do I ask my bridesmaids to bring these over to Italy? Should they be packing them in their luggage or carrying them on the plane with them In a dress bag? The dresses are long chiffon and liable to get creased and I don't fancy faffing about with an iron when we get there if theyre all in a mass of wrinkles!

Thanks a mill


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 582 New bride

    The only way to def avoid the wrinkles is to have them in a dress bag and carried separately  on our way back from Santorini the plane was full and a bride was desperately trying to lay her dress flat on top of the cabin bags in the overhead locker. 

    I plan to purchase an Extra seat on the plane to put the dresses/suits on! 

    or ask the hotel about a local service, they may steam them for u x

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 720

    If they carry them on they may not be able to take any other hand luggage including a handbag so check your airlines policy. Pack them in cases and buy acid free tissue paper and a hand held steamer from Amazon, for £20 you can easily unwrinkle all of your parties clothes, as even in carriers they can get wrinkled and crushed

  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride

    Depending on the airline, and how busy the flight is, you might not be allowed to take the dresses in dress bags inside the cabin. 

    To avoid any potential drama at the airport, I agree with Victoria197, pack them in a cabin-size case or box with acid free tissue paper and hang them up as soon as you arrive. Your hotel or planner will probably be able to arrange steaming for you, but if a hand steamer is that cheap to buy you might be as well to take one with you. They will look good as new 😊

  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Hello, I'm ordering these!

    They are hand luggage size & have I've seen lots of reviews about them on Instagram xx

  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride
    ruthie1979 wrote (see post):

    Hello, I'm ordering these!

    They are hand luggage size & have I've seen lots of reviews about them on Instagram xx

    Hi Ruthie, 

    this is where I got my box... I used the wedding travel maxi and the shop packed my dress into it for me. It fit perfectly in the overhead locker! xx

  • Emma508Emma508 Posts: 6

    Thanks guys! Will take a look into the boxes, they sound great!

    Also didn't realise steamers were so cheap - will definitely be investing in one of those!

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 720

    We have a brilliant little steamer that I got  from Amazon last week for £13.99 with over 200 5 star reviews. I have been practicing on my work clothes and I am quite impressed with how easy it is, will even take it on honeymoon instead of a travel iron 

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