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Hi Everyone, 


Me and my partner get married in Sorrento in 2018 and have booked the Villa Antiche Mura for our whole wedding day ! We have been and viewed the Villa and fell in love ! We have spoken and met with michelle who is amazing and quick to reply. 

We are wondering if anyone has any advice on food and decorations. 

We are having the aperitif and gala dinner, consisting of 5 courses including wedding cake. We have decided on a personalised Menu but then decided to book the Pizza option for the evening. We are now wondering if they are really needed and if an ice cream cart would be more appreciated due to the amount of food served. 

Are the portions genourous, our guests arrive at 3pm and are there until 12:30 1am so we want to ensure there is enough food flowing along with the wine ! 

What are your experiences with the extra decorations ? From visiting the villa the tree decorations look like they are permanent, and so it seems a waste to pay 150 euro extra for these.


Any experiences and tips you could give would be greatly appreciated ! 



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    Hi Carra. We got married in Sorrento last summer and had our reception at villa antiche mura. It was amazing!

    We were toying with the idea of a pizza cart in the evening but went with the ice cream. I would say you definitely won't need a pizza cart. You won't even need a ice cream cart but it is a nice touch.

    Our guests arrived at around 2pm after our 1pm ceremony in the cloisters. We also had the aperitif and a 4 course gala dinner including the cake and it was loads of food. The pasta course is a full size portion before the meat course which is then served with vegetables and potatoes. The aperitif is also plentiful. Your guests won't go hungry!!

    We paid extra for the tree decorations, not 150 euro though I think it was about 90 last year. They do look permanent and don't think there is any way they would take them down if you didn't pay for them but obviously don't know for certain! We didn't pay extra for the fairy lights canopy and it was on during the dinner and the dancing! 

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    Hi Ladies, 

    I have also booked Antiche Mura for my wedding day. We are having a 5.30 ceremony at he Cloisters first of all. I have a few concerns that this is a little late in the day and whether just to have a symbolic ceremony at Antiche Mura  - what time have yous decided on having your ceremony? 

    Also ive found Michele extremely helpful and efficient and I am wondering whether to incur the extra cost of a wedding planner when he seems capable to arrange things for me. Did yous go with a planner? X

  • Hi Ladies

    i’be been searching for wedding locations when I came across these comments. I really like th look of the hotel and location. Can anyone give me an average price for this place. We were thinking September 2019. I haven’t even contacted hotel or anything yet. I just want an idea of budget first. There will be around 150 guests. 



    michelle x

  • Hi Michelle,

    I was looking at here for September 2020 so ive been in touch with few wedding planners, they will send you information about the Villa, but here's the basics, the hire of the venue for 2019 is between 3000 & 3500 euros for the day, aperitif from 19 euros then food is from 99 euros per head then got to think about the extras on top so I guess it all depends on your budget. We've decided this will be over our budget so looking at other venues for our wedding. Were going over in April to have a look, I just hope i find something that amazes me as much as Villa Antiche Mura!

    Good Luck with your wedding planning.






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