Recommendations for Dubrovnik wedding planner


i am planning to get married in Dubrovnik in late May 2017 and need recommendations for a good wedding planner.

We want a simple, small and informal wedding!

thank you!


  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride

    Hi, do you mean 2018? 

    That is exactly the kind of wedding we had two weeks ago in Dubrovnik.

    We started planning way back in 2015, and initially contacted a number of planners. A few told us it was too early to really start and then quoted us wild, total costs with no explanation about what it involved (i.e. the astronomical cost of using the Rector's Palace) or any advice about how the possible venues we had seen online might be far too big for the kind of wedding we wanted (i.e. the roof terrace at Pucic Palace)...

    Some still haven't replied to our initial inquiry. 

    Then we got a detailed, thoughtful, and realistic reply from Ines at Dubrovnik Event. We immediately clicked with her and went with them. We put a lot of trust in their ideas and recommendations and it paid off... they delivered our dream wedding and became our friends along the way. I couldn't recommend Dubrovnik Event highly enough!

    That being said, I think most of the planners in Dubrovnik know each other and are probably all great... the important thing is that you click with them and you are comfortable with letting them arrange the biggest day of your life! 

    I am about to start my wedding report, because we have received a selection of our photos from our amazing photographer now...

    Happy planning x

  • CherylWCherylW Posts: 3

    Hi Emma

    Congratulations! I'm so pleased you had a fabulous wedding and it sounds like you had a similar experience to me! The prices are  ridiculous so I will contact your planner, thank you.

    would you mind sharing where your ceremony and reception took place? We want Sponza palace but keen to hear other experiences!

    thank you xx


  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride

    Hi Cheryl, 

    we had our ceremony at the Viewpoint at Dubrovnik Palace Hotel and informal reception dinner at Gradska Kavana Arsenal overlooking the old town harbour. In total there were only 7 of us, so it really was a small wedding! 

    Sponsa Palace is HUGE. We didnt enquire about it, but initially thought about Rector's Palace which was about 2500 EUR to hire as a venue... I guess Sponsa will be similar. 

    I think Ines will be able to give you up-to-date costs and maybe suggest possible venue options.

    Keep us updated on your search! x

  • CherylWCherylW Posts: 3

    Thank you Emma!  Your wedding sounds perfect! There will be about 24 of us so I will contact Ines straight away and hopefully get some realistic prices and advic!

    thank you again xx

  • AaAa Posts: 38

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Marcela at D'Inspiration- she is awesome and is looking after our wedding next week :)

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